Barnes and Noble to open concept stores, that will serve beer and wine

I live ten minutes from one
Reading while intoxicated?

Sounds like a good business strategy to me. Our local borders store had a coffee/smoothie bar that served snacks and desserts and it became quite popular. A brick and mortar book business had better get creative if they want to stay alive.

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Borders and Barnes&Noble commonly have cafes, as do some public libraries. Caffeinated beverages make Seuss when the main activity is reading, but IMO, alcohol is a stretch that is unlikely to improve book sales.

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Sometimes anything that brings people in and/or makes them stay longer is thought to have a potential for additional sales. Desperate times… etc…

We will see how this ‘concept store’ flies. However, I am most happy to have Barnes & Noble in Eastchester/Scarsdale. The Borders bookstore before had a café and always appeared busy, yet closed…

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Interesting idea. I am not a huge fan of drinking (alcohol) while reading, but hey, I am not a big fan of drinking coffee while reading neither.

I would require a quiet room

The Eastchester/Scarsdale store in the Vernon Hills Shopping Mall looks like it is nearing completion…with full service resto, cocktails, bocce court, fire pit and outdoor seating.

I passed by last week, it seemed as if construction and a lot of it had just begun, at least on the exterior.
Are you saying that the interior has been completed, if so how did you learn this … TIA

Thru some people I know at Lord & Taylor on the other end of the shopping mall…

What are they doing to the front of the building, it looks so strange to me?

It may be part of what I mention above…outdoor seating, fire pit etc.

That would be strange given the location of the construction, but I suppose anything is possible…ty

Yes, we will see…

News 12 Westchester is reporting that the new Barnes & Noble concept store in Scarsdale/Eastchester is slated to open by the end of October. Now hiring…

I passed the store today. The outside of the building, what you can see of it looks very nice. It has a clean, modern aesthetic. There is a significant outdoor area to the right of the building that is surrounded by a chain link fence, it resembles a prison yard at the moment, maybe was used as a construction staging area. I don’t remember the space being there when borders occupied the building. My guess is that it will be landscaped, possibly offer an additional seating area most likely seasonal. I’m looking forward to seeing the finished product. I still don’t get alcohol and reading books but do hope they are successful and I’m looking forward to checking out the store.
Here is the latest on what’s going on
The picture in the second link is a fairly accurate snapshot of what the building currently looks like, minus the construction netting

I’m curious to see how it works out. It’s going to be very large with seating for over 200 from what I remember being told by their staffing/consulting agency. They seem to be having a very difficult time finding staff from all the constant job postings and conversations. It will be beer and wine, no cocktails/spirits.

Looks like they are ready to open the Eastchester store this week. Sign in the window says: Nov. 22…

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