Bareburger (Stamford, CT) - Good Burgers, Challenging Apps

After two visits to Bareburger’s newest location in Stamford I like the burgers, but the apps are in need of some work.

The good news…

I had three pretty good burgers. The SoCal was delicious and it was a turkey patty, and many know I am not a big turkey patty person, but this was moist and full of flavor. The toppings and bun were a great combination as well. The Elk burger was also delicious, the meat was rich and deep in flavor, the bacon was pretty good, but I was not a fan of the cheese, is was too bold, detracting from the elk patty. The bacon-cheeseburger was very good. The stout onions were some of the best flavor I have tasted but they diced the onions and the texture was just wrong and the cottage bacon was limp and not well prepared. Likewise my choice of cheese, the Colby, was wrong and it was not melted properly.

The apps were all needy. The guacamole was a spread texture and was more onions than avocado, the fries in one were limp and the salad was not very good. They also forgot to include ingredients in several of them. The quality control is not up to par.

And this is not a $10 burger and fries. A BCB, fries and a soda will cost more than $20, not a Shake Shack or 5-Guy price point. Hopefully they get the process under control. People love it in the City, now need to step up the CT locations.

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Interesting review, jfood.

I went to the one in Hartsdale, on Central Ave., and aside from the fact that the place is a mecca for noisy kids and their acquiescing moms who seem to think screaming kids are adorable, I wasn’t impressed with the food. Nor the prices.

I don’t like Smashburger either. Or 5 Guys. Westchester Burger is a trifle better, they know how to make a gimlet.

I’m looking forward to trying 5 Napkin Burger. There’s a new place in Mamaroneck, Smokehouse Burger. Anyone been?

Meanwhile, I’m still very impressed with the chips and drink and Caesar salad at Emma’s Ale House.

I have a new term, the “5-guys syndrome.”

Take a piece of blah meat overcooked it and ask the guests to choose as many free toppings as they want to hide the fact it is bad. And for those who want a McD on the side, order the fries and see if anyone can finish this cr@p. Oh and to impress place the name of some farm 2500 miles away to make you think you are on a dude ranch in Montana with recently slaughtered cattle.



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LOL - that’s what 5 guys needs, a bar! I’m not sure why but I have no desire to try Bareburger. Maybe I’m sick to death of the whole concept, but I prefer to think of a burger as a 5 napkin!!

Recent ratings

  1. 5 napkin- hated the price,but loved the burger. well seasoned,cooked perfectlly (medium rare) throughout. Good toppings.Definitely want to go/try again. Btw. they have a bar.
    2.shake shack - good value and a good burger,interesting choices. smoke shack w/hot pepper relish mmm.
    3.+4 5guys/smashburger on any given day either is better. Don’t forget for nearly 30 years nobody would consider opening a burger joint,they (kind of) opened the flood-gate. Decent burgers at a slightly elevated price.
    5 westchester burger - had it,made no impression (but relatively expensive)
    6.bareburger- too concerned with where and the quality of the product,but forgot that it takes more than just top-flight ingredients.Also skimpy -measured to the nth degree and pricing based on the (supposed quality). Also way too much a kiddie-land