Bardstown Bourbon Company [Bardstown, Kentucky]

Amazing time at Bardstown Boubon Company. We tasted 3 barrels: a wheated bourbon, hi rye bourbon and a 95%/5% rye. This is their soon to be released Origin Series which should be released in 2023. All their own spirits 6 years old and cask proof. We also has a fusion expression which is their own young bourbon plus aged, sourced bourbon which was good but spendy. The origins are worth waiting for and should be about $65 a bottle.

Macy was our fabulous and knowledgable guide and I peppered her with questions. Fabulous tour and a great value for a very different tour/bourbon than Old Forester.

Next we had lunch on the patio.

Fried chicken sandwich, eggs Benedict as a play on biscuits and gravy, and a trio of country hams, cheese, toppings and breads. Simple, extremely tasty food. Beautiful patio on a sunny but brisk day. The trio of hams was a ‘prosciutto’ which was a salty unsmoked ham, and two different country hams sliced thin. It came with a ‘foccacia’ that was very good but nothing to do with focccia, excellent corn bread, and decent sourdough. Then there was cheddar and pepper jack, sweet pickle chips, and really tasty pineapple compote. They sent our board to another table so they comped our even though the wait was no biggie.

Our server was very attentive despite handling 10 tables on the patio. Her tats were very impressive!

The chicken sandwich was superb white meat properly fried with lettuce, tomato, secret sauce on a homemade bun. So messy I had to turn it over to eat. Kay’s Benedict was loaded with greens and ham with a good hollandaise on fabulous biscuits. Good fries, did not sample Kay’s home fries. A lot of really good food and a pot of french press coffee for $39, would have been $55 if we paid for the board. And we took home 2/3 of the board for dinner. They have a pretty great spirits list at good prices, but were had Bourbon coming out our pours with 7 x 1oz pours the night before and 4 x 1.5 oz pours for breakfast.

Great server! Great setting, great tour, great bourbon and good food well priced. But Macy was the highlight!


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