Barcelona Recs? Cocina Hermanos Torres, Teatro and Compartir

Heading to Barcelona and trying to decide on 1-2 splurge meals. A friend recommended Teatro (formerly Tickets) but it’s hard to get a read on. Also considering Cocina Hermanos Torres which I haven’t seen talked about here. I’m also curious about feedback on Compartir. I’ve read mixed opinions but feel like it’s worth discussing since it’s connection to the Cadaques original and Disfrutar.

Had lunch at Compartir in February and was disappointed. Great service, nice space but just didn’t love it. When I was in Barcelona 5 years ago, my meal at Disfrutar blew me away but they were booked this time. I wasn’t expecting Compartir to be the same but, again, left being disappointed…….

Top of our list to try:

Another list:

I mostly concur, having been to Disfrutar five years ago, and Compartir Barcelona last year. Much preferred the former.

If you do go to Compartir, make sure to get several of the oysters with Ajoblanco cream - they were absolutely fantastic. One or two would not be enough…

I agree about the oysters, Andy. Had seen your rave and felt the same way. My highlight though, was the seared foie gras at Quim, something you also enjoyed.

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