Barca on the Pier in Alexandria - Report

Barca features Spanish tapas along with some that have a Levantine twist. And they serve main courses as well.

Most folks (including me) would assume that a waterfront place in a heavily touristed area would not feature excellent food, but on my one visit Barca truly broke the rule. I had three small plates, and two were superb, the third merely very good.

The patatas braves were extraordinary, the best I’ve had in a long time including at the beloved Jaleo. Super crispy and a good amount of kick. The other great dish is listed as smashed cucumber, though it is meaty slices of cucumber (no seeds) liberally showered with spices and a splash of fine vinegar. Awesome.

The very good tapa was kale with fried walnuts over lebneh, served with fresh hot triangles of a puffy golden bread. All tapas were generous plates of food.

There is a big tented area right on the water and a small bar with tables inside, between these two, there are some high tables outdoors as well. Although the tent was packed at 8pm, by 9pm it had cleared out quite a bit, so that would have been a super time to enjoy a great summer evening in a dramatic location.


Back to Barca for an exceptional meal.

New items that are at the top of my priority list are the jamon serrano croquetas with a creamy interior that was heavenly. Served on top of a smidgen of honey with aleppo peppers. Hot and crispy and creamy, can’t get better than this.

The butternut squash skordalia is in the dip section, and this is a far better choice than the warm kale borani, which is still damn good. So many flavors going on including a bit of a kick. A rich, thick concoction served with tier excellent fired bread.

The stuffed pequillo peppers are served on a tangy tomato sauce. Very nice as an option with a different flavor profile. Though not outrageous like the other dishes.