Barbecue twixt Houston and Corpus/Aransas

The place I liked down that way was Hinze’s, on the 59 bypass outside of Wharton, but it burned a few years ago and reopened in town.

Pronounced to rhyme with hinges, as in gate or barn door hinges. They used pecan and were famous for having built around a pecan tree which was right in one of the dining areas. Very popular place. You liked Swinging Door as I recall. I always thought Hinze’s was better but to each his own. They had a place on Mason Rd. in Katy that didn’t last and one off I-10 in Sealy. I haven’t been in years.

No gas station that I remember; that must’ve been Prasek’s but I don’t recall being very impressed except with the facility. There was a Junior’s Smokehouse at Mackay, between Wharton and El Campo that was okay and another place on past Prasek’s that I didn’t think was worth the drive. May have been at a gas station.

ETA: Bring me one of their meringue pies. I’ve never had one but they look good and all you can get here in Houston practically is pies with sprayable whipped cream, which is unfailingly applied. to excess.


Ok I remember Hinze’s which I always pronounced like the ketchup (Heinze). I went to Junior’s down that way last summer, they are popular for their whole chickens. It was tasty.

Hinze’s still has a place in Wharton, proper. Not too far from one that burned down.