Barbareno - Santa Barbara

We often had good dinners when traveling to Santa Barbara but rarely really outstanding ones which would also standout in larger cities like San Francisco or Los Angeles. We heard a lot about Barbareno before but somehow never managed in previous visit to Santa Barbara to eat there. This trip we finally had the chance and came away quite impressed and for us it was one of the best if not the best dinner we ever had in Santa Barbara. Really good dishes utilizing cuisine from Central Coast with fantastic service. We will definitely be back on our next trip.

Eggamuffins, cornmeal blinis, whipped seascape, country ham, cured egg

Especial, lamb al pastor, masa flatbread, shishitos, goat gouda, salsa verde

Grilled avocado, black garlic ponzu, yuzu mousse, fresh horseradish, avocado leaf salt

Barbareno burger, house bacon, smoked cheddar, avocado, pinquito miso aioli, pickles

Santa Maria bbq, brandt tri-tip, pinquito beans, pico de gallo, garlic butter

Duroc pork chop, wenzlau apples, parsnip puree, fennel slaw, country ham

Animal potatoes, caramelized onions, special sauce, smoked fiscalini cheddar

Baked california, mango and basil semifreddo, lemon, hop cake, lavender pine nuts, OG kush

Blackbird’s s’mores, graham cracker, pistachio miso, marshmallow, chocolate soil


Wow, beautiful photos, sounds and looks very enticing.

And lots of food!

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Three gourmands - it’s sometimes surprising how much our 12 year old daughter can eat


I’d love to taste all of that! I could eat about 1/8 of it myself.

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I live in SB and haven’t been to Barbareno in years. Our last trip was good food but tiny portions. Will have to go back. Your pics looks great. We tend to go to more casual places and high end is usually San Ysidro ranch or Lucky’s to celebrate a birthday or anniversary. Besides great Mexican (love Superica, Corazon and the Mocajete at Los Agaves) we like Empty Bowl for Thai, Arigato for japanese, Sama Sama for Malaysian and Bibi Ji for Indian. World’s best smashburger is at Third Window Brewery.


Pistachio miso sounds choice.

A common snack for me while living in Japan was peanut miso; pistachio makes it a bit more decadent.

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