Bar Room, Deal, NJ

Had wanted to try the Bar Room in Deal for a long time. Finally went last night. Quite a cozy, neighborhood feel. We shared a large portion of Mussels, quite good., But, my entrée of Roasted Branzino over garlic mashed potatoes and spinach was a disappointment. The Branzino was perfect but the potatoes were instant.! Not to be expected.

I’m surprised I haven’t posted about the Bar Room on here, but that may also be because we’re trying to keep it a secret! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I agree that it’s cozy and local, and I’ve learned that if you stick to the burgers and tuna tacos and salad, you’ll have a terrific meal there. Sadly, their sister restaurant (the Elbow Room, which is much larger) in Bradley Beach was a disappointment both times we went. That said, chefs change, so it could be worth another visit at some point…