Bar offers $12K Beer-Drinking Internship

A craft beer chain is giving three interns the chance to travel the US and report back on their beer-drinking experiences – all while being paid $12,000 for the pleasure.

World of Beer (WOB), based in Florida, has 77 locations nationwide and is calling upon beer lovers to enter its first ever “Drink it Intern” scheme. Three successful applicants will spend a summer travelling the US, drinking beer, meeting brewers and reporting back on their experiences. What’s more, the internship pays $12,000 and covers all travel, meals, and lodging expenses.

In return, each intern will be expected to document their beer-drinking experiences by blogging, capturing video, taking photos, Facebooking, Tweeting, sharing Vines, Periscoping to search out the best craft beer and food the world has to offer. (Article continues.)

Heard about this on the radio this morning, it’s honestly not a bad gig if you could land it.

Please go to my GOFUNDME page immediately.


Wait, they’re going to give “ME” $12,000 for expenses???

Slante’ indeed!

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Bessarabsky Market, Kyiv. Ukraine
Credit: Juan Antonio Segal, Flickr