Bar Crudo [San Francisco, NoPa]

Bar Crudo is a seafood restaurant, with several dishes influenced by Italian-style pesce crudo - raw fish, kind of like the Italian version of Japanese sashimi. I’d been to Bar Crudo before at their old location near Union Square, and a few times to their current location on Divisidero. This is what I had on a recent visit.

Crudo for 1 ($14)
This is their sampler plate of four of the five crudo on the menu - halibut, arctic char, tombo tuna, and scallop.

From left to right:
fennel salad, mint, cara cara, black garlic, lemon oil
With a dab of a sweet black garlic sauce and some crispy fennel.

Arctic Char
horseradish creme fraiche, wasabi tobiko, dill
Like salmon. Very nice, with a horseradish flavored cream and some spicy wasabi tobiko. Kind of tasted like a bagel topping.

Tombo Tuna
herb pesto, Persian cucumber relish, quail egg
With a little quail egg half. Very good.

English peas, fava beans, citrus, chive blossom
Also very good. The scallop tasted very fresh and sweet with a nice texture and just the right amount of salt. Topped with some sweet peas.

My favorites were the arctic char and the scallop.

Kona Kampachi ($17)
sweet pickled kumquats, radish, seabeans, yuzu tobiko, espelette

Also ordered a full order of the kampachi. I didn’t like this as much as the other 4 crudo dishes. The kampachi itself was good but I think it was overpowered by the salty roe and the sour kumquat.

Uni Toast ($16)
avocado, chicory, yuzu

A couple of toast rounds spread with an avocado spread and topped with sea urchin. Ok but I think it would have been better if the avocado spread was a bit less acidic. Too much citrus? It overpowered the delicate uni. Chicory salad dressing was also a bit too acidic.

**Seafood Chowder (small bowl, $9)
fish, shrimp, mussels, squid, potatoes, bacon, cream

I think I’ve gotten this every time I’ve been here. Excellent as usual. Very rich (I think its mostly cream, so much cream) and with a plethora of seafood. Sopped up a good bit of it with bread.

More Pictures:


Nice report. Wonderful photos.

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bar crudo probably has one of the best happy hours in the city, which includes the seafood chowder and $1.50 oysters and a few other dishes (mussels, tacos)

totally worth it



Same oyster selection as usual? If so, great deal indeed. Is happy hour every day or just weekday? the website didn’t say.


Kumomoto 5


Miyagi 3.70


Shigoku 4


Kusshi 4


Beausoleil 4


Drakes Bay 3.5


happy hour is daily

its one pre-selected oyster for the happy hour stuff.