Bar A [NJ, Belmar]- Half price everything Thursdays

Might be the most insane dining deal I’ve ever seen. Bar A has surprisingly decent food, and everything on their menu is half price on Thursdays! If you’re looking for some basic bar food stuffs on a Thursday, definitely worth checking out.

Edit: I lied. Everything except steak. Their steak is half price + 4$.

That was 9 bucks.


Good stuff Joon. Is Tuesday still tiny heiny night? :smile:

Those ribs look good. It looks like they broiled them up some.

I wonder why they chose thursday. That seems to be a more popular dining night. I usually see places do more aggressive specials on Monday or Tuesday nights.

Hmm, I’m not sure about Tuesdays, haven’t been there much.

Yes the fact that it’s a Thursday event is part of what makes it great because more people go out on Thursdays anyway. I plan on heading back often, I mean it’s practically cheaper than cooking it yourself at these prices.

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