Bao Dumplings & Bubble Tea - Hazlet, NJ

We checked out this new place in Airport Plaza last night (which sidebar I’m 99% sure was the old Ae Thai and BBQ place that is now in a new location). It was all really delicious! I only took one picture but this was a braised beef noodle bowl. We also got an order (12) of pan fried pork and scallion dumplings and green beans with garlic. Total was like $35 or so. Next time, we will try them steamed and I’ll get a bubble tea! They also do a takeout special where you can order the dumplings raw and you get 14 for the same price to make at home. Everything was really fresh, quick and really tasty.


Sure…now that I’ve been to the DMV in that strip FOUR TIMES you tell us. : :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Seriously–thanks! It’s easy to get there…will def check it out.


LOL! If you go, give me a call! I’ll join you!

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How does it compare to Shanghai Bun?

That menu looks really good. Since each order of dumplings has 12 dumplings, I think someone (looking at you @CurlzNJ) ought to organize a 12 person HO down. That way we can order 12 different kinds and each have one of everything.


A completely different experience first of all, this is a polished fast restaurant concept. I would need to do a side by side comparison on the food but the experience was much better than Shanghai. I don’t think they have ac so it’s a no go to eat there in the summer and I always get the sense I’m moderately annoying them :rofl:


I don’t recall every having problems with eating at Shanghai Bun in the summer–but then again, that was a couple of years ago. :frowning: I do keep track of which restaurants don’t have heat in the winter, though (e.g., Wing Hing, Panda House, Big Harlie’s).

And I don’t recall ever getting a negative vibe from the staff at Shanghai Bun. Maybe I’m just oblivious.

It is certainly different in that Bao Dumplings has only dumplings (albeit many varieties) and noodles (and a couple of vegetable dishes), while SHanghai Bun has a full assortment of main courses, but only a few types of dumplings.

In any case, count Mark and me in if someone is organizing a HO down at Bao.

This place is the real deal. Dumplings made by hand for each order. The food was delicious and homemade. Right up there with Shanghai Bun and Westlake. We had the cucumber salad, wontons in spicy sauce, fried beef and onion dumplings and steamed shrimp dumplings. All four dishes were really terrific!


We ate lunch there today. The place is big and clean and they have two separate areas - one for dine-in and one for take out. No alcohol but a plethora of tea choices from boba to fruit and a lot of available mixins for your tea. We did not imbibe.

We shared an order of the layered cucumber salad and 12 egg and pepper and 12 shrimp and pork dumplings. All of it was very good and I look forward to trying more of their wide dumpling selection.

We also got an order of noodles with minced pork sauce to go. I tried a bite when we got home and found it like lau gan ma noodles that I make at home, but way too salty. Stick with the dumplings.


Finally got to Bao. We got sampler platter of 12 pan-fried dumplings, and noodles with sesame sauce. The dumplings were good, but the three types were not separated, and were indistinguishable from each other (except for the corn in the chicken and corn). They were also smaller than those at Shanghai Bun, so this is not like a double order. The noodles themselves were good, but there was very little sauce, and it had very little flavor. And the place was cold. (In fairness, so is Shanghai Bun.)

Bottom line: Shanghai Bun has nothing to worry about as far as I am concerned.


Never been to the Hazlet location but I was at Freehold Raceway Mall today and they have opened a location there next to Chik-fil-a.

It was right around lunch so I did takeout.

They have a choose 3 item option and I got Golden buns (man tou) and 6 pork dumpling and lo mein. It was $10.95 so with tax comes out to $12.

It was okay. Nothing special to be honest but a good option at the mall food court.

Not a boba guy myself so I didn’t bother with that but I am sure my kids will try them out in the near future.