Banned from amazon?

Just too much concentrated monopolistic power imo. Tho I love the convenience of amazon for those hard to find ingredients.

Thanks! Didn’t know this! Mr. naf is very extremely picky with the state of books he received with shipment, he often return them. I will warn him, I don’t want my account to be closed because of him!?! He should go to book stores to buy his books if he want them in prime shape!

You are very right that they are too monopolistic. Recently, 2 chains of supermarket here in France, Monoprix and Casino choose to have a deal with Amazon to avoid being eaten alive.

Too many people try to game retailers on returns. Amazon won’t ban you if you are not abusing the policy. I read that Best Buy will soon be following suit.

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I definitely recall reading that major US department stores are tracking customer returns and say they will close accounts (not sure what else they could do) if abuse thresholds are crossed.

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