Banks Fish House restaurant week [Boston, Back Bay ]

Used Boston Restaurant Week as an opportunity for a first visit to Banks Fish House. The five of us were completely homogeneous in our ordering, with the exception of the 1st course. 3 had the salmon tartar, 2 the smoked whitefish tartine. Both were excellent but I’d give a slight nod to the tartine, sliced toasted baguette topped with smoked whitefish and a side of sliced heirloom tomato. For mains we all had the garganelli with octopus and crab in a red sauce, piquant and al dente. We all had the peaches and cream ice cream cone for desert, topped with a honey crumble and served in a little stand supporting the waffle cone. As delicious as it was a frivolous. We choose the Grüner veltliner from the $38 wine offerings, slightly off-dry but still crisp and a fine accompaniment. The downstairs room has high ceilings and lots of light coming in from Stuart Street. They put us in corner both that was perfect for 5 and could accommodate 6. A dozen or so craft beers on offer, and some carefully curated craft cocktails, though all a bit on the busy side. My SO went with a simple Cosmo, another DC a G & T, I sampled the Singapore Sling. Fruity, refreshing, garnished with a Luxardo cherry.

An excellent restaurant week intro to Banks and we look forward to a return visit.


I laughed at your ordering homogeneity. When this has happened to me and my dining companions at a new-to-us restaurant, people ultimately get chastised into changing their orders so the group can get a taste of different dishes. Your group is low pressure - I love that!


There was some minor hazing :wink: