Banh Mi from Sonny's Cafe, San Jose

On my way to Gilroy yesterday, didn’t feel like eating theme park food so stopped by to pick up 3 banh mi’s from Sonny’s Cafe on Cottle Road. Got the grilled chicken, bbq pork and bbq beef. Thought I got the shredded pork but its alright.

Bread was light, crispy and fluffy. Every sandwich had the pickled veggie, cucumber and jalapeno. I liked the grilled chicken the best, bbq pork next. Chicken was well marinated and grilled. Dark meat.

A nice banh mi option in South San Jose. $4 for 6" banh mi. They offer other non-banh mi vietnamese menu items but I didn’t look at those. They even got some Thonet-look-alike chairs (seen in the 2nd pic)

What banh mi options do folks like around the South Bay?

Sonny’s Cafe
5643 Cottle Rd, San Jose, CA 95123

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