Banh Mi Chao anywhere in Bay Area?

anyone know a Vietnamese eatery that serves Banh Mi Chao for breakfast?

Looks like these 2 places in San Jose have a variant using a kind of steak (Bò Né) along with the normal pate, fries, bread, eggs. Both in East San Jose as you’d expect.
Bò Né Phu Yen

Ngoc Suong

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Wow, thanks so much for this tip! will go check 'em out soon. looking forward to it. I must’ve driven right by those before as i’ve been to a handful of other Tully Rd places previously.

Bánh mì chảo is like a nothern bò né. Just like Phở, each region has their own take in making bò né/bánh mì chảo.

Bánh mì chảo may not even have beef, it is not the same as bò né at all lol. Bánh mì bít tết is more like the northern bò né. Bánh mì chảo mostly has regular bánh mì toppings (egg, sausage, pate, pork, etc.,) tho.

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Many of the Photos of Bánh mì chảo look almost like the Vietnamese equivalent of a “Full English Breakfast” I imagine it has an interesting History.
The only constant looks like the Bánh mì.