[Bangkok] 'Yen Ta Fo' (Thai-style pink noodles) from Che Kiao, Soi Yen Chit 3

‘Yen ta fo’ is a Thai variant of Hakka ‘yong tau fu’, but with a distinct Thai slant: its trademark pink-coloured soup is tinged by the use of fermented beancurd, ketchup and chilis, and is bursting with flavours. Che Kiao at Soi Yen Chit 3, near the Teochew Association of Thailand Building in Sathorn offers one of the best-tasting ‘yen ta fo’ in Bangkok. The eatery opens from Mon to Fri only at 12 noon till it sells out by about 2pm. Loyal patrons will come & grab tables (first-come-first-served basis) by 11.15am.

  1. 11.15am at Che Kiao - still 45 minutes to opening time.

  2. Large pork back-bone, simmered for hours to obtain the flavoursome stock for the ‘yen ta fo’.

  3. ‘Yen ta fo’ with fish balls, fried pork balls, golden-fried lard, cuttlefish, tofu puffs and duck’s blood.

  4. Fishball noodles with fishballs, fishcake, deep-fried pork balls, minced pork and golden-fried lard.

  5. The Teochew Association of Thailand building at one end of Soi Yen Chit 3 is a landmark - Che Kiao eatery is a short 2 minutes’ walk away.

  6. Che Kiao frontage - come early, or you’ll miss the noodles which sell out within a couple of hours.