Bangkok -- What's Your (Edible) Fancy?

It’s a food forum, so let’s stick to playing chess.

I’ve been doing a very subjective search on the spiciest dishes to try; so far, I’ve been to:

  • Gaeng Pa Sriyan (for gaeng pa wild boar jungle curry)
  • Baan Somtum (som tum papaya salad)
  • Khua Kling Pak Sod (khua kling dry-fried minced pork curry)

The first one split was definitely hot, to the point that my lip split. Very flavorful, with lots of kaffir lime (makrut) leaves and other herbs, but not enough on the protein front.

The som tum was alright, but very much oriented to fellow farang who might want a cleaner-looking atmosphere. The portion was small, and it was a tad sweet for me.

However, I quite dug the khua kling. A little “pricey” for Thai food in Bangkok (the restaurant is in a hotel, after all), but the flavors were on point. Plus, the white turmeric served on the side was excellent.

Where are Hungry Onioneers favorite places in Bangkok, for mains, snacks, and/or desserts?


You live in Bangkok? Haven’t been in a while, but next time I’ll definitely want to visit this seafood restaurant here. Overall, Bangkok seems buzzing with new and exciting restaurants, besides the traditional Thai fare that is already excellent and worth the trip.

Appreciate your reply, @damiano .

I don’t exactly have an address anywhere, just happen to be in town now.

Do you have any dessert recommendations?

It has been around a long time and it is pretty unassuming, but I really enjoy Kalpapruek Silom every time I go. Peter recommended it years ago and I have enjoyed every meal I have had there. The “Spicy Salad” menu page is full of good dishes that are nicely hot. Laab Muu, Glass Noodle with Shrimp, Som Tum with Salted Egg were all good.
The staff has always been very friendly and the menu is illustrated for those of us with limited Thai.
They do not spice for the sake of heat alone, but some of the dishes are nicely hot. I always get a laugh out of the staff concern regarding the low overhead in the restaurant. Every time I have stood up to leave 2 or 3 of the wait staff have turned to remind me to not bang my head on the ceiling. It is only 5’6" high in places so it is easy to ram it at full speed.
This place is kind of nice. If I had older relatives visiting me in Bangkok, it is probably the first place I would take them. It is the only cafe in Bangkok that I brought a white oxford button-down shirt to. When I arrived outside, I would find a shady spot nearby, take the shirt out of my pack and put it on over the top of my tank top.
I want to dress appropriately and not be the Ugly American. LOL!
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Looks like a good choice, appreciate the hint, @ZivBnd ! I’m equally curious about dessert places, e.g. ones that serve ruam mit, or regional ice cream flavors.

In case you (and anyone else) is interested, today I went to my usual seafood depot, Ruepoh Seafood, over in Bang Na. Good times, but no credit cards accepted (which almost did me in).

(the drink is roselle juice, lightly sweetened.)