[Bangkok] Teochew-style braised goose from Tang Hong Pochana

This Teochew braised goose eatery on Soi Convent is one of the best-known eateries in the Silom area. Known to locals as “harn palo Convent”, i.e. braised goose Convent, it’s been operating here for about 30 years.

Tang Hong’s braised geese hung proudly at the entrance - its signature dish has become a Silom dining icon.

Braised goose here is stewed Teochew-style - simmered for hours in soysauce, oyster sauce, garlic, and other condiments, usually according to the family’s recipe. But unlike the Hokkiens/Fujianese, the Teochews will not use strong-tasting Chinese herbs in their braised goose dish.

The version here at Tang Hong Pochana also comes with long-braised goose intestines (absolutely delicious) and goose-blood jelly (my fave).

Goose intestines - toothsome and a fave among Teochew goose connoisseurs:

Goose-blood jelly - we used to have this in Singapore, but it’s now impossible to find.

We also ordered the soup of the day: pork-ribs and tiger-lily buds. It’s a very light consomme, like all Teochew soups tend to be, unlike the robust Hokkien soups or the intense Cantonese ones.

The vegetable dish was “khanaeng” (olive greens) with roast pork, garlic & fresh chilis.

Come to Tang Hong Pochana before 12 noon, when the office crowd from the nearby office towers start pouring in.

Tang Hong Potchana
2/2 ถนน คอนแวนต์ Silom
Bang Rak, Bangkok 10500, Thailand
Tel: +66 2 235 6362
Opening hours: 9am-6pm daily

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