[Bangkok] Steak dinner at Chokchai Steakhouse

Chokchai is Bangkok’s best-known local steakhouse, which also runs their own farm north of Bangkok, where you can see Thai cowboys rope their cattle in a Wild West environment.

  1. Cream of mushroom soup. This tasted really bland, and was practically flooded with croutons. Not recommended.

  2. Aged T-bone steak, served with baked potato and boiled vegetables.

  3. My Isaan-style Highland Steak, served with glutinous rice, marinated minced beef and spicy-tamarind sauce. This was an amazing dish - good quality steak paired with Thai condiments, sticky rice and even a Northern Thai-style burger patty. Must-try!

  4. My choice for desserts was an old-fashioned Peach Melba, and Chokchai’s house-made ice-cream was rich and super-creamy. An absolute delight:

We dined at the most accessible branch - at Sukhumvit. The other two were the beautiful ranch-style Rangsit branch which is near the old Don Mueang airport, whilst the third one was the Pakchong branch located at Farm Chokchai at Nong Nam Daeng, a good 2.5 hours’ drive Northeast of Bangkok, where Chokchai maintained a large cattle farm and rodeo theme park:

Chokchai Steak House
First floor, Prasarnmit Plaza Building
45 Sukhumvit 23, Bangkok.
Tel: 0 2259 9596
Operating hours: 10am to 9.30pm daily.


:frowning: That bottom pic is so disturbing

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Assuming the restaurant raises the beef it serves, how does it compare to US and Australian?

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No actual branding took place - it was simulated.

Pretty high quality beef, but still not up to the good ones from US/Australia.

That’s irrelevant, did you look at that poor animals face … I’d much rather see more pics of you :wink:


It’s rather cruel, I admit - all for the sake of “entertainment” for visitors to the farm/Wild West theme park.

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:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

How the world is changing ! A while ago ex-pats celebrated having Stateside visitors by booking a table at the American Club in Hong Kong where the kitchen was provisioned with US beef and Maine lobsters. Cripes – they needn’t have waited for us to show up to do that . . .

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“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold

Market stall in Lima
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