[Bangkok] Fish-maw soup & roast pork rice at Chua Chuan Huat

Chua Chuan Huat at Silom Road, Bangkok, has been purveying fish-maw soup and roast pork rice for 4 generations.

Thai-Taechius, despite being close cousins to Singapore-Teochews (in fact, most Teochews in Singapore descended from this Taechiu community in Thailand, rather than from Chaoshan or other Chaozhou districts in China) have assimilated Thai flavours into their cooking, making their cuisine slightly different from the lighter but also blander versions of the same dishes in Singapore.

Roast pork rice here in Bangkok is drenched with a sweet oyster sauce-palm sugar-vinegar-based gravy - I must admit that I rather enjoyed it as I have a sweet tooth):

The piece de resistance here has to be, of course, its fish maw soup - we have the same dish in Singapore, but it paled in comparison, taste-wise, to its Thai counterpart. It’s unctuous, savoury, with the spongey, slippery texture of fish maw much beloved by the Chinese. The rendition here comes with quail’s eggs and sprigs of fresh coriander. Add a dash of vinegar, and a generous sprinkling of white pepper, and it’s the best breakfast I can ever dream of having:

Chua Chuan Huat is located on Silom Road, very near Silom Complex.