[Bangkok] American Fried Rice at S&P

The American Fried Rice (‘a-may-li-kun flied lice’) is a quintessential Thai coffeehouse fare which you cannot find anywhere outside Thailand, but is a ubiquitous feature of family restaurants here.
It was invented during the Vietnam War era by Thai chefs who worked in R&R camps for the US army servicemen. The creative Thai chefs simply combined everything which they think Americans would like onto one plate: fried chicken, sausages (only tinned frankfurters would do), a fried egg sunny-side up, and fried rice with tomato ketchup & raisins.
A legend is born! :smiley:

S&P is one of the most established family restaurant chains in Bangkok, which was where I had my recent American fried rice from, but one can find it in any café or family restaurant.



:grin:They said it! :grin:

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