Banff - restaurant reccs, please

I need your help again.

We have three dinners in Banff, in early June. We arrive mid-evening and are staying at the Banff Park Lodge. For simple convenience after a long day’s travel (on the Rocky Mountaineer), we’ll probably eat at the Crave Mountain Grill, at the hotel.

So, two more dinners. One needs to be a really excellent steak - I can’t go to that part of the world and not have steak at least one night. My shortlist of places near to the hotel which look OK,is:

Bison (like the farm to table committment)
Melissa’s (currently closed for a refurbishment but due to be open when we’re there)
Grizzly House (it’s decades since I had a fondue)
Maple Leaf
Keg Steakhouse

Any thoughts on these? Am I missing the town’s “great little place”?

On our last day, we’ll have to check out of the hotel mid-morning but are not being collected for our transfer to Calgary airport until mid-afternoon. The thought of a relaxed long lunch appeals.

Harters, realize your trip would have been postponed.
I hope you eventually visit Banff. I have visited Banff around a dozen times.

The Keg is an ordinary chain for steak.

I would choose Saltlik for steak.

Grizzly House is a gimmicky 1970s joint which has raclette type grilling with exotic meats and fondue. I brought my 30 yo cousin there last Nov for the experience of a kitschy restaurant. The food was ok.
Ticino is a better place for a proper fondue.

I haven’t been to Bison. I couldn’t get a reservation on my 2nd last visit. The same people operate a gastropub- which I haven’t tried yet.

The restaurant inside the Banff Centre for the Arts is very good. I’ll update this reply with the name. Something like The Raven.

I haven’t tried the Maple Leaf- it has never appealed.

Melissa’s is sort of a family restaurant, a step above a greasy spoon.

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I double checked- The 3 Ravens is the restaurant at the Banff Centre.

I did have 2 vegetarian dishes- some sort of pizza and a vegetable dish–at Bison last Nov- I forgot that it was a restaurant on a second floor. I was a little underwhelmed, but maybe meat or fish would have been a better choice at Bison , especially given the name of the restaurant.

I would still choose Saltlik for a nice steak. There is a location in Banff, as well as a location in Calgary.

The Bear St Pub is the gastropub/pizza spot owned by The Bison.