Bananas Foster, Boston Metro North

Hi–I’m looking for a restaurant that serves Bananas Foster in the Boston Metro North area (Somerville, Cambridge, Medford, Arlington, Winchester, Lexington…). I remember getting them at Cuchi-Cuchi, but sadly that is no longer an option. Thank you!


Not the exact area you are looking for, I had a business dinner at Mooo steakhouse downtown right before all hell broke loose. Someone in our party had the bananas foster for dessert.

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It’s a VERY easy dessert to make…just saying. You don’t need to flame the alcohol if that makes you nervous - just simmer it off. Banana liqueur is ideal, but ordinary rum will do. Butter, brown sugar, voila!


Thanks much to both of you, but I’m a little intimidated by the flaming part of it!

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Ok, fine @greygarious I’ll try it! Thanks for encouraging…


(even though it’s not of any help, it is on topic. Me and my GM making bananas foster (me on left) and cherries jubilee. (On the right)


I remember that dessert from Cuchi-Cuchi, even though I was there last probably 15 years ago! My vague memory is that it was something “like” Bananas Foster but not exactly that. Could have been something to the effect of banana bread pudding, but whatever it was, it was amazing.


@NotJrvedivici those pictures are amazing!
@greygarious thank you for the nudge, I tried making them and they turned out pretty well! Not as impressive as some, but still pretty delicious.


While you’re looking for Bananas Foster, I read and learned about that dessert. Maybe I had heard the phrase before but never searched what it is. But now I know thanks to the question!


Thank you! When I’ve been involved with actively managing a restaurant (rather than silent partnership) I’ve always enjoyed table side cooking. It’s a lost art in my opinion and an excellent revenue producer. On a Fri/Sat (really any) by 6:30-7 if nobody ordered a table side desert I would pick a table and give them one on the house, just pull up the cart and start making them a desert. Suddenly once the show started the table next to them would order next thing you know I’m on the floor the rest of the night making them.

Next thing you know you’ve increased sales by $1,000 and used $50 in ingredients!