Banana Splits

I’m having a craving; who do you think makes the best banana splits and why? I grew up on Dairy Queen, so that has a nostalgia factor, and I recently had one from Handel’s that was good, but a bit too large/excessive:

What are your favorites?

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Big Softee

I don’t share this concern. For my money the gold standard is in Oakland at Fenton’s.


I also have no qualms about an adequate banana split at baskin robbins, ben and jerry’s or the fair oaks pharmacy where at least you get a full banana sliced lengthwise.

you might like the ones at brusters



Thanks for the recommendations!

Enjoy !

Pretty much my favorite dessert. Love a bananas foster too.

Hope you find something else you like !

If you happen to live/travel within a 330 mile radius of Tuttle, OK, you’re in for a treat. Braum’s Banana Split.:slightly_smiling_face:

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There’s a Bruster’s in Torrance I’ve often passed, yet never visited. I’m also probably going to try the Foster’s Freeze in Wilmington soonishly, too. We’ll see about the others; not sure if it’s worth such a substantial road trip at this time :laughing:

Keep up your research. Enjoy !