Baltimore: Where to stay/eat?

Hello all,

Flying into Baltimore for a one night stay in October before heading out to Elkton for the 5 star event. We are open to ANYTHING. Will likely stay downtown-ish/near the water/harbor/bay. We will only be there one night. Recommendations for food more important than recommendations for where to stay although we would love that too. We are just looking for excellent food for dinner + breakfast. Thank you all in advance.


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Dinner: woodberry kitchen, petit Louis bistro
Breakfast: petit Louis bistro, sacre sucre, patisserie poupon


stuff in the Inner Harbor area is very so-so.

these two - both in the Fells Point area

different approach - pick a number of courses - select from anything on the menu.
valet parking - request a Harbor side table…
some of the best food we’ve had on the east coast.
don’t miss the “Corn Fried Oysters”

The Black Olive

Greek influence - superb for seafood - For fans of small Greek dishes, this is the place to go - a couple appetizers would make an entire meal.


Thank you for these suggestions!

Woodberry Kitchen has changed its business model. Check their website to see what, if any, dining options they offer.

I love Petit Louis, but I haven’t been since before the you-know-what.

Before the ‘you know what’ ?? Covid?

Woodberry Kitchen menu: []

Is this outdated?

It’s been several years since my last visit, however this Fell’s Point site always satisfied when I visited:

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their website is updated regard live music through Aug - indicating ‘they are alive’

however. . . . they studiously omit any telephone numbers. apparently they don’t like to talk to people . . . so confirming they still exist/operate is a bit of a challenge.

check their web site - seems a bit quirky - also a bit north of the city proper.


Check their website

Try the “Tavern” tab. Good luck!

I haven’t been to woodberry in several years but it used to be my favorite restaurant.

Charleston is on a whole other level. It’s outstanding, but it is a fine dining experience.

The same owners as Charleston ran petit Louis, which I think is more fun.

Enjoy Baltimore!


Cindy Wolf and Tony Foreman

They also bought the Milton Inn, and have leased the building where the (in)famous Cafe Hon was located. Properties: Charleston, Petit Louis Bistro, Cinghiale, Johnny’s, Cindy Lou’s Fish House, The Milton Inn, Bin 604 Wine & Spirits and Bin 201 Wine & Spirits.

I had a very nice dinner early this summer at Gunther & Co. Great bar area for meeting friends too. Went with a big group and we ordered nearly the entire menu between 12 people. Got to sample almost everything and I was surprised how good it all was.


Milton Inn was a big fav of ours prior to the pandemic shut/sale.

having eaten at Charleston, I was thrilled to see Cindy Wolf & co. taking over.
well, went about weeks after re-opening - major fail.
went back six months later - still a major fail.

minor nit is the decor - turned from riding club to sterile white everthing…

but the kitchen is simply not up to the tasks on the menu - so I’d advise caution on TheMiltonInn of today…

I’ve heard from friends who were disappointed in the food. A shame. The Milton Inn was legendary. And sorry they messed with the decor.

You will need reservations.


Seconded. (Also in Fell’s Point.)

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Ananda is the site of the old Pierce’s Plantation, which was re-opened by the people who had run a beloved Indian restaurant in the dining room of an an old Tudoresque apartment with summer service in an English garden near Hopkins (university) for nearly 30 years (that restaurant continues under new ownership). A friend of mine loves La Cuchara, which also has outdoor seating.

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