Baltimore recommendations? Near-ish Inner Harbor

Hi all,

interested in recommendations for fun, interesting restaurants in Baltimore area - we’re staying at the Hilton in the Inner Harbor so within 2 miles - we like Italian, seafood, small plates, farm to table, add a cliche here… we have a reservation at Tagliata and are on a waitlist for Charleston - going at the end of March.


Take a water ferry to their little Italy section and there is an excellent selection of Italian restaurants. It’s been 10 + years since I’ve been, although you can walk to there if you wanted to, you don’t want to. Be sure to take the water taxi because a few of the neighborhoods between the inner harbor and little Italy aren’t the best.

You can easily walk to Little Italy from the Inner Harbor. No need for a water ferry.

If you are at all into desserts, at the eastern tip of Fells Point is Sacre Sucre. For the type of pastries they do, they are the best of any place I’ve been to in NYC, Philadelphia, DC, or anywhere else.


Thanks!!! You may know from CH that I am crazy into desserts. Any restaurant recommendations for dinner? (I was hoping you’d respond!)

The two you mentioned are solid. Ekiben is very popular too, although I’ve only been to their booth at the farmer’s market. I don’t have a can’t miss dinner destination near there like Sacre Sucre.

In Little Italy, I haven’t explored the newer places, we usually go to Isabella’s for lunch and Joe Benny’s for early dinner. Consistency varies.

Verde (neapolitan pizza) is close to Sacre Sucre and has been very good to great for us.

Mt Vernon Marketplace is a good option, but a bit far. You will likely find something you like.

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