Baltimore, Md Dangerously Delicious Pies

Facebook knows me so well that I get a lot of ads from Goldbelly, the food delivery company. They overcharge by a lot and offer “free” shipping. One I saw recently was for a $75 steak and cheese pie from DD pies. I looked up the DD website and sure enough, the pie retails for $35. Fortunately, I had a long-standing engagement in Baltimore last weekend so I set out to bring home a pie.

Since Baltimore is crab city, I opted for the Crab Supreme pie, described as a crab imperial inside their famous pie crust. Adding on a slice of sour cherry and one of chocolate chess, I arrived home with my booty. I reheated the crab pie in the oven following DD’s directions. As I waited I impatiently dug into the cherry finding it decent but not as good as our local pie place, Delicious Orchards.

I’m sorry to report that the crab pie was neither dangerous nor delicious. The filling was oversalted and lacked the lumps of crabmeat that the city is famous for. The vaunted crust is kinda hard as opposed to flaky, but was tasty enough. On the whole it wasn’t something I would pay $35 again for, much less $75 delivered. Afterwards I thought to have the chocolate chess pie for dessert but all I managed was a single bite, declaring it not worth the calories.


I would’ve been tempted by a $35 Crab Imperial pie too
But at That price I would expect it to be chock full of lump crab, considering that their sweet pies are $30. Baked in 10” deep dish pie tins. Sweet pies on their website look ok but savories look a little less than desired. No image of the Crab Supreme pie. I can only imagine the disappointment of people who order them for $75.

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Their chicken pot pie is very good. A friend brought us one right before we moved and it was so homey and easy.

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