Baltimore -- best pizza

Looking for a traditional pizza, with out a lot of toppings. or maybe a large traditional and a small with various salmis or anchovies, kalamata, capers, etc

2 Amys

I love 2 Amy’s but this is for Baltimore

There are some very well loved places in Baltimore. I have only been to two of them. They are both very good.

The one that is ‘only-in-Baltimore’ is Matthew’s. A Baltimore original. Can’t be easily compared to other pizzas, has its own style that I would call ‘Italian American Reconciliation.’ Very delicious. Tiny place, sometimes there’s a wait. Does more than pizza, but is mostly a pizza place.

Paulie Gee’s is an offshoot of a place in Brooklyn, though ownership is separate, so in theory can be considered its own place. Superbly executed thin crust.

A place that has received many accolades is Verde. Neapolitan style. But I have not been.

Steve, Many thanks!