Baltimore - A Tale of Two Pizzas

I visited two pizza places in Baltimore this weekend for two very different experiences I have been hankering for.

First up iwas the crab pie at Matthews, an only-in-Baltimore experience. I was not really sure what to expect. I have been to Matthews before, and they serve a unique pie that is hard to categorize, but I do think it’s a very delicious and very sloppy pie. A bit heavy with plenty of cheese and sauce. The crab pie is not like their regular pie. It has a restrained flavor, and the crab does indeed come through. It has some Old Bay seasoning, but done with a very light touch. I was very glad I tried it, though it’s not something I am likely to get again. I would go back for their regular pie which is hard to compare with others.

Next up was Paulie Gee’s in Hampden. Paulie has become a latter-day legend in Brooklyn, and he has opened up shops in Philly and Baltimore. It is the best traditional pizza I’ve had in a long time. I got the Hot Child in the City which is with red onion, fennel sausage and has hot oil drizzled on top. I think it would be equally good without the oil. The crust comes out very hot and crispy and is a medium-weight crust with good structural integrity. As a point of reference, I liked this a lot more than Inferno in Montgomery County.


Full disclaimer: I am acquainted with the owners. It is my favorite pizza spot in the region. I followed their progress from early conception, through opening, and till present day. It’s very difficult for me to be impartial.

From what I understand, this is not exactly how it works. Paulie sort of “blesses” the shops, but each Paulie Gee’s is independently owned and operated.

Just to be clear, which place are you referring to in the first part of your post?

Paulie Gee’s Hampden.

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