Balkan Market Manalapan NJ

Probably going to be the worst review ever posted here, because I didn’t go in.
It’s 100 degrees my top is down on the car .
I pulled up to the front door of said store around noon time. First thing I see through the window is an empty display case.
There’s a paper sign that says We now make sandwiches which I am not in the mood for so I lost interest & headed for Net Cost .
Very happy with Net Cost will try Balkan market another day. Or I won’t.


I LOVE your honesty!!! Ha!!


Thanks it does get me in trouble nowadays though :heart:

Went in there today. Looks like they are trying to set up a bakery/cafe on the right hand side of the store but right now it’s just empty shelves with chairs and table. There is barely any English labels in the store so I have no idea what I am looking at if I don’t already know what the goods are. There is a meat counter/deli at the back of store. The fridge are may be 40% full with some prepared items and a couple sandwiches. I didn’t really pay much attention on what’s there tbh.

It is a decent sized store but really need to be more friendly to general public like Netcost.


Yeah I just don’t know if I am ready for half empty stores yet
Thanks for the update

Do they have cevapćići?