Balkan Market Manalapan NJ

Probably going to be the worst review ever posted here, because I didn’t go in.
It’s 100 degrees my top is down on the car .
I pulled up to the front door of said store around noon time. First thing I see through the window is an empty display case.
There’s a paper sign that says We now make sandwiches which I am not in the mood for so I lost interest & headed for Net Cost .
Very happy with Net Cost will try Balkan market another day. Or I won’t.


I LOVE your honesty!!! Ha!!


Thanks it does get me in trouble nowadays though :heart:

Went in there today. Looks like they are trying to set up a bakery/cafe on the right hand side of the store but right now it’s just empty shelves with chairs and table. There is barely any English labels in the store so I have no idea what I am looking at if I don’t already know what the goods are. There is a meat counter/deli at the back of store. The fridge are may be 40% full with some prepared items and a couple sandwiches. I didn’t really pay much attention on what’s there tbh.

It is a decent sized store but really need to be more friendly to general public like Netcost.


Yeah I just don’t know if I am ready for half empty stores yet
Thanks for the update

Do they have cevapćići?

Balkan Market has a good selection of eastern European region products from bulgaria, albania, turkey, etc. A lot of it is naturally organic, because in that part of the world they haven’t learned to put tons of additives and preservatives in foods like the American food industry does. Dried figs, dates, authentic olives with complex flavor (not the watered down bland stuff found at an American supermarket), cheeses made in an old world style, with complex flavors. The eastern European produce is also probably more nutritious than American food, since the eastern european food is not grown on overused, hyper-fertilized, worn out farmland. A lot of it is grown in mountainous areas, so that the minerals from the mountains help to continuously fertilize the farmland, and you get more complex food as a result. Once you taste complexly flavored Turkish olives, you won’t any longer think of American supermarket olives as “olives.”

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I popped in here. It’s kind of sparse. Not sure why anyone would shop here over netcost.


Do they have ćevapčići?

More than a year since the last post. We were in that strip mall picking up take-out from Bangkok Bistro. Noticed a “For Rent” sign on what was Balkan Market. No idea when it closed.

Not surprised. Not really sure (or understand) what their specialty is. The one time I went there was no other shopper there and the stuff there doesn’t appeal to me. So don’t know who would shop there with a Net Cost all sort of other grocery stores around that area.