Baklava Crawl, anyone? - Houston

I saw this on Eater Houston and thought it was interesting.

I almost never order desserts when I eat out and I had no idea there were all these variations and permutations. I have eaten at 7 of those places but only had baklava at two - Dimassi’s and Abdallah’s.

But hey, I’ve picked up a box of baklava at Kroger. Why isn’t Kroger on the list?

I love the baklava at Empire Turkish Grill, it fairly squirts sweet nectar while remaining sturdy. Good with the Turkish coffee too.


I had the baklava at Dimassi’s recently - they cut the typical diamond shaped piece in half, you get like 2 tsps; it was dry and lacking in nuts. But, it’s a buffet so no extra charge.

Empire sounds great; never been there.

Both Phoenicia and Arpi’s have several kinds available at all times.

Good shtuff.

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Thanks. I spend so much time browsing at Phoenicia by the time I get back to the bakery/pastry section, my eyes are glazed over. So I remembered to check this out last week and picked up several samples.

Texas/Pecan - on the fence about this one, pecans minced very finely, I got more pecan pie than pecans.

Apple - didn’t care for this one. Might have liked it better fresher but by the time I got to it, it was soggy, there was no crispness left to the pastry. Apple pie or apple fritter are better apple desserts, imo.

Chocolate - home run. Very good chocolate. I want a whole box of these.

I picked up one of these:


Sha’abiet, sugar free variety - they were out of the regular.

This had some honey, I thought, but the filling was a little strange - curd-like. I was expecting a custardy sort of thing. Any way, not bad otherwise and I’d imagine the one that isn’t sugar free would be better.

I’d never heard of this but found a mention in a Press article 4 years ago about Phoenicia baklava and this apparently is considered a variety of baklava.

Somehow I totally forgot to take pictures of the others and somehow got away from the store without buying a regulation baklava. To be remedied on a future visit. I’ll be standing in the line at the baklava counter on future visits.

Thanks for the rec.


Yep, Phoenicia for baklava. So hard for me to stay away. Also like Fadi’s. But I’m no good for baklava analysis. I love it all. Made it myself for many years. Just buy it now.

That’s sadly the case with a great many labor-intensive dishes.

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Well I guess eating snow for breakfast is controversial, the comments are closed. I will say I chose the wrong week to leave town.

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Nah, just merged.

“5 posts were merged into an existing topic: What’s for breakfast (aka what’s going to happen exciting today)?”

It’s because The OysterMan doesn’t put [Houston, Texas] in his thread title so the thread got merged with “What’s for breakfast” in a generic thread instead of standing alone to highlight the rarity of snow in Houston.


Ahem, that’s THE Oyster Man and I didn’t put Houston in the post because I naturally assumed EVERYBODY knows where THE Oyster Man posts.

I don’t want any of my many fans to miss out so it won’t happen again.

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Yep snow for breakfast even thought the weather service blew it on the forecast discussion I read with predictions of maybe a flake or two but no accumulation.

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