Baking in advance advice

I baked the skirt part of a doll cake for my daughter’s birthday today. Her party is Saturday afternoon (3 days). For logistical reasons, I’ll have to decorate it Friday night (48 hours from now). It’s a basic chocolate cake. This is the type of time frame that always confuses me. What’s the best thing do with baked goods 3 days in advance? One day, obviously you wrap and leave on counter. More than about 4 days, you freeze. What do you recommend for the 2-3-4 day time period? Wrapped room temp vs fridge vs freeze? Thanks!

For sculpted cakes I freeze the layers, put together frozen, sculpt and frost. I would freeze until Fri and then frost.

agreed. commercial bakeries most often frost frozen cakes. makes for crumb-free frosting!


How did the cake turn out?!

really well! One happy 5 year old. Thanks!

Lucky kid

So, the only glitch was that this is actually a doll torso only, made specifically for this. The kids were very concerned as I cut the skirt that we would hurt the doll’s legs. In explaining that she didn’t have any legs, I think I may have weirded them out even more… I’m picturing parents answering all sorts of questions about amputee dolls…

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Oh my goodness that is awesome!! Kids are too funny.

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