Baking Cookbook of the Months May–August 2023 Nominations

Welcome to the nominating thread for May–August 2023 Baking Cookbook of the Months, where we’ll start the process of choosing a book to bake from collectively. Sweet or savory, bread or cake (or both!) — it’s all on the table

You may nominate as many books as you like. Please post the names of the books you are nominating in ALL CAPS for clarity. (If you’re just discussing rather than nominating a book, use regular capitalization.) Please nominate with the intention of participating should your nomination move on to voting and win. Books with the most nominations will move on to a vote.


I would go for a continuation of GATEAU. Thus far I’ve baked 9 cakes out of the book (far more than any other baking book I have) and have had positive+ results with each one. I had to take a break to give my palette (and waisteline) some relief :crazy_face: , but still have a few I would like to try when berry season starts.

I’m also working on STANDARD BAKING COMPANY PASTRY, although this one may be too obscure for people to obtain without purchasing.

Finally, Erin Jeanne McDowell’s SAVORY BAKING. I’ve had 3 for 4 winners out of that one, primarily from the biscuit and bread department.

I could go for a continuation of GATEAU (like Munchkin, I needed a baking break).

Or, how about ONE TIN BAKES?

ONE TIN BAKES just baked a cake for tomorrow from it.(you can half recipes and bake in 8x8)
WHATS FOR DESSERT by Claire Saffitz is one I like too

FYI One Tin Bakes is currently $2.99 for kindle in USA. I have it. I’ll have to take a look and see if I’m inspired to bake from it right now before nominating.

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I can get behind ONE TIN BAKES. It seems to have a good variety of recipes, and I appreciate that it would be easy to halve a lot of the recipes for an 8x8” pan.

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I baked the Milk Chocolate Caramel Sheet Cake for a birthday tomorrow. I can tell you that the frosting is delicious(licking the bowl). The 13x9 sheet cakes can also be baked in two 9" cake pans.


I am still about 9 weeks out for getting Gateau, so I would like to revisit ONE TIN BAKES. I made the vertical plum roll cake and really enjoyed it. My library also has ONE TIN EASY by the same author.

I could use an excuse to get into ROSE’S BAKING BASICS, which I have, but haven’t used. I do know @sallyt loves the blueberry muffins and @mig the triple lemon velvet bundt cake.

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I’d be up for an extension of GATEAU.
Maybe baking together from ONE TIN BAKES will be better than when I had the book out from the library on my own.

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Agreeing with the suggestions of several others for GATEAU and also for RECIPE TIN BAKES. I’ve had RTB for a considerable amount of time in the e-book format and just haven’t gotten around to baking from it. Stef’s milk chocolate caramel cake looks delicious and I remember Pavlova’s PLum Roll Cake. I’d be happy to join in either way.

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Meant to say ONE TIN BAKES!

Just 24 hours remaining in which to nominate!

Nominations are now closed. Please stay tuned for a voting thread.

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