Bakery - Monmouth NJ

Will be celebrating a family birthday at the Oyster Point in Red Bank next week and I’ve been tasked with bringing the b-day cake. Need a bakery roughly between Freehold area and RB. Suggestions?

My friend swears by the Bay Avenue bakery in highlands. I’m not a cake guy myself but she recommends this spot. The reviews are really impressive so maybe check that out.

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Antoinette in Red Bank is expensive but good. If you want a sheet cake then it’s a different story.

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Are we talking French bakery, Italian bakery, American style etc?
Antoinette is the goat in the area but $$$
I like j and m in Middletown for Italian stuff and also the yellow cake with buttercream icing is awesome. For Italian style I can’t couch personally but have been told caputo in long branch and Normandy bakery I’m Hazlet are good too
Delicious orchards for American style stuff
For huge crowds aka sheet cake I go foodtown red bank or Costco.

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My last trip to Wegmans, I noticed that the bakery has a large selection of party cakes and they make custom cakes as well. I left with assorted rugelach, egg bagels, mini pastries, muffins and fresh olive oil and rosemary loaves. The mini pastries like fresh fruit custard cakes are delicious and come in larger sizes, as does the the mousse cakes which are very light and airy, the cheesecakes creamy and sweet. I think the bakery within Wegmans is as good as an independent cake shop.

I used Normandie Bakery in Hazlet for my daughter’s 1st birthday. We got a large sheet cake and people loved it. Plus 1 for Antoinette’s but you will pay.

Love, love, love Bay Avenue bakery.

LaRosa’s on Newman Springs Road, Shrewsbury, is very good and would be convenient to the Oyster Point.

Quality-wise, Antoinette in Red Bank is absolutely superb for pastries. Probably the best in Monmouth County. But for a birthday cake? I don’t think so.

Normandie in Hazlet is generally excellent. I’ve had quite a few cakes (and petite pastries) from them and there was maybe only one I haven’t liked. I have been nearly a lifelong customer.

My friend drove up from toms river to get a cake the other day. Crazy lol

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will bump this one to add that Alfonsos of Staten Island is coming to Red Bank to 1) replace the god-awful Carlos and 2) further the Staten Island-ification on the area…

Am a big fan of the SI location, if they do the right job here and don’t screw it up it might become among then best Italian style spots in the area…


A friend just brought me a cheesecake from Alfonso’s. I loved it. This from someone who HATES cheesecake.


Legit ricotta cheesecake is s beautiful thing…

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Bay Ave Bakery wowed us with apricot macaroons, banana crumb cake, indiv carrot cake with cc frosting, pecan buns toned green for St Pats and the house special crumb cake.

$17. for the bunch and everything was tasty, fresh and moist. The standout was the apricot macaroons.

Looking forward to trying the cafe one day. What a hidden gem.


Since I last posted on this thread (and it’s now been bumped up), I want to chime in, because a friend brought me a cannoli cake from La Rosa’s for my birthday last month, and DAMN. THAT. WAS. FANTASTIC.


I have been using Del Ponte’s in Bradley Beach we have had cannoli cakes for large crowd for over 15 years. Custom made or what’s on hand perfect.
Also highly recommend any cakes he has, I am a cake guy.
Bread there is an after thought.
Cookies are good as is the Biscotti
Worth going there you won’t be disappointed

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Del Ponte’s is my go-to for biscotti for sure!

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