Bakery Boxes?

Does anyone sell a small quantity of “to go” containers for baked goods? Cake boards and boxes for cakes, pies, tarts and cookies that are disposable. I don’t want have to remember to schlep a plate home.

I picked up a couple of the plastic cake carriers at my local Dollar Tree (when items were $1 and not $1.25).
Any who… I take cakes to friends’ houses in those if I know I’m going to leave them there for the host and hostess to enjoy the leftovers. I usually get them back next time I’m invited to their home, but am not worried if I don’t get it back.
I made a HUGE birthday cake for the hostess’ birthday not too long ago, I know the wife and her husband enjoyed it over that week. When I go there for their Superbowl party, I’ll retrieve the previous cake carrier.
The husband has requested a “hot milk sheet cake” that I made in the past, he very much enjoyed that treat!! I’ll put that one in a disposable foil “lasagna” pan (also from Dollar Tree). When they finish that cake, they can throw away the foil pan.

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Jo-Ann craft stores do, or Michaels & similar stores should as well.


I’ve had luck, occasionally, just asking a local bakery (or a grocery store bakery dept) for a box. Sometimes they’ll charge me a buck or two. Sometimes they’ll just give you one. Couldn’t hurt to ask.

Probably helps if you buy something first…

Amazon for cake boards and boxes.

For the rest, I use repurposed takeout containers that work perfectly well for anything other than a loaf cake.

That said, people use cake carriers for exactly this reason (among others like protection) — you can remove the cake and take home your carrier.

Webstaurantstore sells small quantities - like 10 or 25. The craft stores like Michaels carry them. In NJ we have PartyFair which sells all that stuff in the catering supplies aisle.

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Walmart, Joann’s, Hobby Lobby, Michaels and most crafting stores that sell home baking supplies like the Wilton brand carry them. I have asked local bakeries to sell me an odd sized box for something I didn’t have a box for, like a 9x13 inch cake. I used to buy stuff from Maid of Scandanavia years ago, too. Don’t know if KA supplies these.

Thanks, my wife is an artist/crafter and visits Michaels on a regular basis. I’ll put her on the case.

I buy them at a store that has party supplies or a store that sells organizational supplies. In Canada, Bulk Barn sells them as well, as do baking supply stores.