Bakersfield Punjabi cooking for truckers - NYT article

Tejal Rao of the NYTimes is certainly covering interesting places! This one is on a truck stop that holds a Punjabi food truck offering a taste of home cooking for the many Punjabis who have entered the freight delivery industry.

(note: NYT allows maximum 5 free articles per month)
A Taste of Home for California’s Punjabi Truck Drivers


Maybe Tejal Rao was inspired by these articles in the LA Times from June, 2019:


How funny!

I would have missed the LA Times articles, I think they have a paywall now? I seem to recall I ran up against it a couple of times. I have a subscription to the NYT so my access is unlimited on that one.

The LA Times has some limited free options and I think that I got 3 months for free. They have ramped up their food section and Soleil and Birdsall have contributed articles. I expect that their Punjabi truckdriver articles will be nominated for a James Beard or other award.

If I see a good LA Times article, I usually post it in the Food Media section of Hungry Onion.

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