Bakeries in [Toronto]

I tried the pao de queijo, chicken coxinha and a cream cheese pao at Padaria Brazilian Bakery in The Junction today. Everything was good.

I will try a passion fruit tart another day.

Brazilian groceries.

There are now 2 locations, one on Manor Road, the other in the Junction.


Enjoyed lunch at Emmer today.
My friend’s patty melt, with fries ($5 extra for fries)

I’m slowly trying all their brunch and lunch dishes. I’m fussy about schnitzel- there were some minor issues with this one. I will reach out to Emmer with a few thoughts.

I can recomend the breakfast sandwiches, the bacon butty and patty melt.

I plan to try the croque, tuna melt, BLT and hallomi-eggplant toast on future visits.

I bought white country bread (a half loaf, it’s possible to buy a half), black currant croissant, passionfruit croissant and a peach handpie to take home.


I purchased 3 empanadas, a mini quiche and a spinach/cheese poche from Belle’s Bakery on Dupont today.

The vegetarian empanada (mushroom and potato) and poche I tried were not good. Grit in the vegetarian empanada. Pastry in both the empanada and poche tasted freezer stale. I ate the filling and discarded the pastry in the poche and empanada.

The chorizo empanada, which contained Mexican chorizo and olives, was fair.

I haven’t tried the mini quiche or chicken empanada yet.

I won’t bother returning.

I’ve been buying good empanadas at Ave Maria Latin Cafe on Bloor (Colombian) and Latin Taste in Kensington Market (Peruvian).

Yeah they have gone down a lot in quality and have jacked up the prices. I was OK with them as they were one of the few bakeries nearby that were OK (during the start of pandemic they were new as well) I haven’t returned in ages.

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I purchased a bacon-egg brioche and a kouign amann at Noctua in the Junction today. Both good. Nice bakery, good coffee.

Some imported Spanish pantry items for sale, too. Piquillo peppers, vinegar, canned razor clams.

Noctua Bread shared a post on Instagram: "Kouign-amann

💅🏻💅🏻model and lamination: @romonna". Follow their account to see 165 posts.


Excellent Italian tuna sandwich at Mattachioni on Dupont. Big enough to share.

Tuna, egg, radicchio, pickled onion, cherry tomato, arugula, olive oil.

Transported me to Italy.


We’ve had good stuff for takeout from Mattachioni East before but haven’t tried the original on Dupont.

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I had a larger order at St John’s bakery today.
The brioche and scones were still warm as just out of the oven warmth which is great. Their brioche is one of the best in the city and the other breads are well liked. Also recommended is their shortbread cookies when they have them


We like their walnut-raisin bread also and my wife likes their spice cookies.

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Ok finally got around to making some french toast or pain perdu :slight_smile: I think Laduree’ version is a bit better otherwise this one hits the spot


Prairie Boy Bread is closing. There is a contents sale happening today and tomorrow at the Geary Avenue location. Very sad to see this.

Oh no! That was the only place that I was able to find puffed wheat squares in the city!

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I saw the mass-produced one that is sold in Alberta gas stations at a Mac’s in LdnOnt recently!

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We finally made it to Emmer on Saturday for lunch. Waited about 15 minutes in line and then ate on their open-air patio (the closed patio is really an indoor space in terms of ventilation). Everything was fabulous and we took home some granola to sample later.

Patty melt - smashed beef patty with caramelized onions, Swiss cheese, and Russian dressing, sandwiched between butter-toasted, caraway-inflected rye. Yum!

Thinly sliced mortadella, creamy stracciatella, greens, and pistachio pistou on chewy bread. Quite lovely, though would have been elevated with a bit of contrasting acid (maybe pickles or a sharper cheese). The mortadella sandwich at Bar Piquette remains the one to beat.

Passionfruit croissant (left) - great, really tangy.
Morning bun (right) - flakey, airy, buttery.

Pumpkin bread pudding with creme anglaise (full of vanilla bean) - moist and delicious.

Pistachio cream puff and pumpkin spice cream puff. Excellent choux pastry. Pistachio had a bit of salt, which it might have been better without. Pumpkin spice was wonderful.

Must go back.


Very happy you liked it!
I might ask them if they can make their patio a little draftier, at least at one side.

In the early fall, it’s covered, without the plastic sheeting.

I was a little uncomfortable last fall, with another table a little too close.

In the summer, there are a couple benches just south of the patio, for people with dogs or people waiting, but that area isn’t heated or covered.

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Just went back to Emmer today. We tried some new things and they were all very good:

  • Sausage, cheese and egg breakfast muffin - nicely flavoured sausage and the mild hot sauce helps cut the richness a bit.

  • Ham, gruyere, and leek quiche - should have asked for this warmed; it was excellent anyway, with delicious ham and silken texture.

  • Sausage roll - same tasty sausage meat as the sandwich; again, should have asked for it to be warmed.

  • 70% Soma chocolate croissant - shattery flakes, buttery, big soft air spaces, and bittersweet chocolate.
  • Blackcurrant croissant - same pastry with lovely tart smooth blackcurrant preserve along the bottom (looks the same as the chocolate version, so only one picture).

Apparently au pain dore has opened shop in Toronto. I enjoyed their stuff for the last min grab and go traveling back from Montreal. Also on UberEATS which saves me a trip
Two locations for now


This place looks neat

Some new ideas here

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