Bakeries in SF

Try their Morello cherry drink or their Too Good to be True (butterscotch) drink

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In all seriousness, what’s special about Craftsman and Wolves?

I spent a lot of money there one afternoon and wasn’t happy with a single thing that I ordered and I sampled a lot. What does everyone like about C&W, so that I can give them another chance?

(I had the beef Stroganoff from Cinderella for lunch today btw)

They have really cool display cases …

I guess they are trying to be all innovative and modern. It’s not going to work for everyone.

Some of their items are better looking than in execution. But yeah, overall their compositions and flavors just aren’t for me either-- it’s more an issue of matching what I like than skill. I do like their, not always present, chocolate carrot muffin.

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I’d add Marla to the list also - they have nice seating area outside at the back if it’s a sunny day
and close to Outerlands and the beach so it could be an excursion
Arsicault does have mezzanine seating but when I was there a couple of months ago they only had drip coffee and I’m not a fussy coffee person but still thought it wasn’t all that great. I do think their croissants and Pain au chocolat are good - and I’ve lived in France for 10 yrs - but worth waiting 15mins in line not 45 !

arsicaults line moves quite quickly and the staff is quite efficient. In contrast tartine lines moves at a glacial place.

i’ve realized that the lines are not bad first thing in the morning when it opens and after 11:00 am or so on weekdays


Ditto for Brioche Bakery. Also a fan of their chicken pot pie. One of the best values in N.B. Love their brioche wedges.

I think the OP had a great list to begin with. Yeah so sorry, I do love Craftman & Wolves. It works just fine for me–flavors, etc. No, I don’t love everything they make, but I certainly don’t find it “soul-less.” It’s comfortable and the staff is very friendly. I haven’t encountered any snootiness.

I would give a far stronger endorsement of Thorough Bread than has been noted here. They make a large variety of danishes and finer pastries and breads, and it’s overall outstanding. Their baguettes for me are the best in SF and extremely cheap! I have a huge amount of respect for Michel Suas (who, BTW, is a partner in b. patisserie).

I don’t see Butter Love Bakeshop mentioned. Their pie is to die for. Much better pie than that place in the Mission.

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I am quite fond of the scones at Arizmendi.

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Vive la Tarte (SoMa) makes a deadly cheesecake and a really good broccoli, fennel & bacon quiche.

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