Bakeries and Pâtisseries in the [Greater Toronto Area], 2024 Edition

Fresh start for the New Year.

I look forward to seeing and reading your posts about bakeries around town.


My first bakery walk of the New Year.

Emmer is closed for vacation.

BaNoi on Bloor west of Christie Pits

Spam and Egg tart (very good, this was my breakfast)

Curried beef bun

La Boulangerie on Dundas W of Ossington

Ham and Comté sandwich on their baguette, $14.50

Bakery Pompette

2 Crème Caramels @$6.50 each


The Breadhouse Bakery at the corner of Bayly and West Shore in Pickering is our go to. It’s the least fancy bakery you can imagine and that’s exactly what I like about it. The aroma from the baking in the back mixed with memories of holding my mom’s hand, standing on tiptoe to see the goodies just can’t be beat.


Just tried Fleur du Jour on St Clair W and really liked their almond croissant. Will have to go back and try their Kouign Amann next time


The lines are back at Emmer on sunny Sundays. I don’t really wait in lines longer than 3 people.

There was a line of 5 or 6 people at Fika, so I kept walking. I like the Sunshine Buns (a vanilla custard bun) and Kannelbullar (Scandinavian cinnamon cardamom rolls) at Fika.

I got my coffee and morning pastry at Nine Tails’ new location on Spadina. I don’t have that much experience with dorayaki but I liked it. I had the custard filled one yesterday.

Continued on my walk to BaNoi, which was sold out of their apple pie and apple gallette. I purchased their BBQ pork bun and curry beef bun, which are $6 each. They’re substantial, twice as generous as most in town.

I prefer the BBQ pork. Both are good.

I stopped at Coco’s after that, where I picked up a slice of orange Bundt cake and a a slice of Battenburg cake. I had some Battenburg cake last night and it was a good one. These are their IG photos of the same cakes I purchased yesterday, and the product is always consistent in my experience.

Finally, my last stop was Bakery Pompette, where I like to buy Crème Caramel. They had sold out of Crèmes Caramels yesterday, so I purchased a pear frangipane danish, Almond croissant and a personal-sized banana chocolate chip loaf. Photos of the Danish and croissant :slightly_smiling_face:


I tried Bakery Cafe Cuervo y Marquis on Ossington today.
So far, not very good.

I purchased the cinnamon sugar cookies, pecan cookies, a slice of apple strudel and what they call duck tourtière.

Cinnamon sugar cookies. The co-owner told me they were similar to an Empire Biscuit ( I didn’t go pedantic on him, I know my Empire Biscuits :uk:) with a Latin American twist. Not much cinnamon.

Pecan cookies. Same kind of texture as the cinnamon sugar cookie. Light on sugar, kind of hard. Maybe the butter or margarine isn’t being creamed enough before adding the sugar. They’re certainly edible and the nuts are fresh, but - so many better cookies in this city.

The strudel, which looks promising. I haven’t tried the strudel yet.

The duck tourtière looks more like an empanada with underbaked dough in the middle.

I think these guys are all talk and Instagram, without much substance.

These 4 items came to just under $34.


Nice potato rolls, Crème Caramel and chocolate pecan caramel cookie from Bakery Pompette yesterday.

It’s Polish Paçzki Day today, and North American Paçzki Day on Tue.

I’m going to pick up Paçzki at Benna’s and or Janchenko’s on my the west side.

Hastings on Queen E has them now .


As a pre-Valentine’s celebration, we ordered again from Pretty Little Layers, this time the strawberry shortcake in a heart shape. The Greek yoghurt mousse had a distinctive tang that provided counterpoint to the strawberry gelée, strawberry cremeux, and vanilla genoise. Beautiful and light.

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