Baked by Susan in Croton NY

Baked by Susan comes to some local farmers’ markets but I’ve not had much from there- save a very fudgy brownie at the Ossining Earth Day festival last week. Today we had some friends coming and I didn’t have time to bake so I ran up to their storefront on Grand Street. I was impressed with the large open kitchen filled with bakers busy baking and liked the looks of their selection in the display cases (they have lots more you can pre-order too).

I almost went for a pie but then something caught my eye-- it looked like a cherry crumb cake. Turned out they were not cherries but chocolate chips and it was filled with ricotta and cream cheese. I believe she called it an Italian crumb cake or coffee cake. I’ve never heard of such a thing but I knew I had to have it. Bottom line, it was fabulous-- a moist cake filled with cannoli type cream and chocolate chips with something close to a NY crumb style topping. It was not too sweet and very fresh and so creative. I don’t know if this is conjured from their imaginations or a recreation of an actual Italian treat but it definitely makes me want to go back and taste test some more of their wares!

Has anyone else been here?

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I’ve been, but not for a while! We used to board our dog with a guy who used to live in the neighborhood, so car trips would start off with a stop at Baked by Susan and a box of muffins and scones and who knows what else. The guy moved and we haven’t been back in a while. Thanks for the reminder. That cake you got sounds fantastic.

That cake got better with age too. We also got an iced sugar cookie shaped like a lamb for a friend’s kid but ended up eating it ourselves. So many adorable looking cookies do not match adorable-ness with flavor, so I was expecting mediocre, but it was actually tasty too.

I think I’ll surprise my husband with some pastries this weekend… Totally selfless, I promise :wink:


Since my initial visit I’ve been back a bunch of times. Also notable IMO are the pies and quiches. I got a blueberry pie that was made with buttery and flaky crust and filled with a nice, not-too-sweet blueberry filling (perhaps wild blueberries? They were tiny). I also appreciated that the filling wasn’t gloppy and cornstarchy. The quiche also had a great buttery crust and a light and fluffy egg filling (with spinach)… only thing I wasn’t crazy about was the florescent orange cheddar in it. A more sophisticated cheese would complement the otherwise picture perfect quiche.

And now this … lol, I guess Croton is devoid of life and energy :wink:
Great looking menu at Eatarry

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I’ve been loving Baked by Susan since I last posted. Today we got three of their flaky savory turnovers. The pastry on these is insane-- so buttery and flaky. Chicken pot pie was the best of the two we had so far. We also got a smattering of treats to serve for a guest-- will report back.

DeCiccos in Millwood sells some of their pies, breads, and cookies.

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Market stall in Lima
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