Bake your bread, make your desserts 2020

Sounds good, do you have any photo?

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Tried the midnight chocolate cake from the Flour book. First error was not adding the brown sugar to the flour butter baking soda :triumph:
So that lump is now sitting in the fridge, ANY suggestions to use it will be appreciated!!
Repeated the cake mixing and put it in to bake. One tin 8x3” for the cake that gets sliced into 3 layers. Def would have been easier to bake 3 layers, not sure how much of a dif that would make.
Then the buttercream (which was why I tried the recipe). 12 oz of well chopped milk chocolate to which you add 1/2 cup of hot cream - that amout of cream was not nearly enough to melt the choc, was not easy to get it into a state to add to the buttercream. The egg white and sugar were cooked 3-4 min to a dissolved slurry then whipped to a meringue, lots of butter - too much for me. I wondered what would happen to the buttercream if I used half the butter. The cake was pretty good but was a struggle. Final verdict: bravetart’s unbeatable chocolate cake with milk chocolate ganache will be my go to chocolate cake:)


Nice looking layers. My sister bakes a mocha version.

Not the prettiest picture, but you get the idea. :wink:


Thanks! I’m sure they are delicious.

I’ll sparkle some fleur de sel or kosher salt on the sweet chocolate.

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They’re sweet, but the sweetness is mellowed quite a bit by espresso powder. I’m not a big fan of salt on top of cookies or brownies.

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Valentine’s Day is keeping me particularly busy this year …




I’ve been eating a lot of hearts during Christmas! I could be a good customer if we were in the same city! Are they of different flavours?


Nice, his shops are so beautiful.

Flavors are Dark chocolate shells with rosemary caramel, brown butter caramel, coffee-cardamom caramel, and dark orange ganache, the red is a raspberry shell with hazelnut guanduja


Always have a soft spot on coffee flavour :brown_heart:. I also like the raspberry one. :heart:


Consider myself to be a lucky Ho, as I live close enough to Babette’s shop to buy several boxes of her beautiful heart shaped bon bon’s. Will then gift them to several people, including myself, of course! :heart:


Thanks for your support!

You don’t have to be a local, I ship around the US :wink:


Well that’s good to be able to do that. I know they have to be carefully packed with the freezer packs, wasn’t sure if you shipped or not.

I made a King Cake using the KAF recipe. I’m still a newbie when it comes to yeast dough, so I made a couple of errors that led to the dough not rising as much as it should have. So, the texture is more of an actual cake than a sweet bread. Also, because of the way my oven is, even with tenting the King Cake with foil part of it managed to nearly burn. It tastes OK, but I’m not going to bring any into work like I’d planned.

I’ve bought several times chocolate online, they never arrive with freezer pack. Although one place refuse to ship certain items in summer. Although I don’t know the practice in U.S.

Same here. Here’s my try of King Cake this year, I’ll tried to make another one to see if there will be an improvement. These days, I’m making all types of brioches to improve my knowledge of active / fresh yeast. (I’ve post this in the French COTQ)

Not a big success, home made brioche des roi of Epiphany due to problem of yeast. The fresh yeast added did not raise the dough. In panic, I added all the dried yeast I had at home, not ideal, the outcome was a bit too compact and dried. Too bad, the recipe was good. Raisin soaked in dark rum, roasted almond, pistachio, fruit confit with lemon zest, cinnamon and cardamom in the interior of the brioche flavoured with orange blossom water.

I like the brioche king cake more than the galette version in the Parisian region, which consists of puffy pastry and almond paste.


I think it depends on the time of year @naf, and their ultimate destination. I’ve sent specialty chocolates I love that are made in Las Vegas, and they come in styrofoam with freezer packs, or so the recipients said.

I tried to recreate a memory but it was a fail. In my college days (Hanover, NH), there was a pizza place that made and sold Portuguese muffins. Butter and jam, or as the base for their burgers and chicken sandwiches. These were super delicious and I’ve never seen them on the west coast. I tried a King Arthur Flour recipe. They were fine, but not anything like the fluffy sweet chewy things I remember. Does anyone know of these delights and have a tried and true recipe?


Are they at all like the sweet rolls sold at Mexican bakeries?