Bake your bread, make your desserts 2020

Yule log with mushrooms From serious eats. Huge! So glad sister and bil drove an hour to have a porch side toast and carry away half the cake!


My wife made a steamed Christmas pudding, suet and all. We had that with brandy butter and Bird’s custard.


Wow, that turned out great! Lucky family.

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Your Yule log is a showstopper, in the full Great British Baking Show sense of the word. Star baker material!


Unfortunately, we could not go to my parents, but they could visit us.

Barcelona has stricter laws than Cadaquès Cape.

We could only have 6 people in our flat … So, it was not quite the same but we all enjoyed and of course , we all called each other via Whats App … and Messenger.

Of course it is not the same but under the circumstances, we are all healthy and that is what is important.

Have a lovely holiday …

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Yule log or bûche for New Year’s Eve, cherry confiture with chantilly and topped with amerena, chocolate and more chantilly.


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I looked for your recipe & cdn’t find. I’m interested in trying popovers and there are so many different theories - cold oven, hot oven, rest, no rest. Those look incredible!

I have tried 5 diff recipes for popovers and the one that really landed as our favorite uses a blender, olive oil and a metal popover tin. This is the winner:

I make the batter the night before. Let it sit out on the counter while the pan heats up and then pour and bake as described in the recipe.

I have added parm and chopped sage to the batter by stirring it in prior to pouring.
I have doused baked popovers with cinnamon maple syrup
I have made a custard bake from day old popovers.

All using this recipe. Enjoy!

There’s a YouTube chef who also uses OO and lets it sit in the fridge for 24 hours. I was suspicious but since you give it a thumbs up I’ll give it a try. (She said that less than 24 hours was OK, but she was adamant it had to sit for a while.)

I follow this recipe to the letter. If you feel the batter needs another blender whirl in the AM, do it. Can’t hurt.

But Jesse doesn’t mention resting the batter and you do.

Correct. You don’t have to. When I first started making popovers, I followed her recipe (and others exactly) and unless you have had exp. already, I recommend following her recipe exactly.

Now, after many popover bakes, It works better for me in two stages. I have made them immediately but I prefer to get my batter together the night before and bake in the am-while preparing the rest of the brunch menu.

Your call :wink:

What I mean is following the ingred listed to the letter. The batter is excellent.

OK. Maybe I’ll do half and half & compare.

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Thanks. Looks interesting. Did you buy aquafaba or you soaked your beans?

I store the aquafaba every time I use canned chickpeas; for this bread recipe and a few desserts my wife prepares.

I see. Did you freeze them or put it in the fridge. How long can you store them in the fridge?

I freeze and then thaw in the fridge the night before to use the next day. I haven’t kept it more than day of use.