Bake From Scratch magazine?

I recently came across their website, found a recipe that sounded wonderful, made it, and was very, very disappointed with the results. I was going to write off the website but I just found it mentioned as a resource on another thread so I’m wondering if anyone has had experience with this site’s recipes.
Did I just find a clunker (I know they happen) or are the site’s recipes unreliable in general?

FWIW, the recipe that I made was the S’mores Sacher Torte. The instructions weren’t too great but I could work with it. Although the torte looked beautiful the only part that tasted right was the marshmallow layer. The graham layer was far too thick, the cake layer was too dense, and the combination of ganache and glaze overwhelmed the entire cake, throwing off the balance of flavors entirely. Great concept, not so great execution.