Baillotte Paris 6e

Baillotte is a small self described “Semi-Gastronomique” restaurant on Rue du Dragon in the 6th. I saw a review on Sortir a Paris that intrigued me and then noted that Gault-Millau gave it a 13.5 rating.

The chef is Satoshi Amitsu (x Georges Blanc). Their 3 course lunch menu for 39€ is an absolute steal. The day we went, I had a smoked mackerel entree and my friend had beef tartare. Our plats were a chicken and a fish dish. All four dishes are listed on their website menu in lovely French so I will spare any more description. At the restaurant, they also have an English menu.

We were seated in a fun crowded downstairs space but it appears there is also upstairs seating. FOH and staff are delightful and welcoming.

The clientele ranged in age but was a casual group. No business suits, about half Asian.

I’ll be posting more details about places after this week in Paris but will say that the places I have loved so far have been Baillotte (and going back there again before departing), Géosmine, Oktobre and L’Apibo and Qui Plume la Lune. L’Apibo at dinner, Oktobre and Baillotte at lunch were full which created a lively dynamic ambience.

If you enjoy French/fusion, as I do, definitely give it a try. Hopefully you’ll enjoy the place as much as we did.


Merci @Kjtravels…you are again in Paris just ahead of me! Taking notes.

True, same as in March! More to follow.

I dug it in June.

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I had an excellent meal there yesterday and wrote it up on my blog.


My daughter and I had an absolutely phenomenal lunch here on Easter Sunday! Everything was delicious, but the standout was the lamb dish. Beautifully presented and every bite was a delight. We also adored the pistachio soufflé, which was the best dessert we had in France. We were seated in the back of the downstairs so had a great view of the kitchen. What we enjoyed most was how much the staff seemed to work in harmony with each other and how much they seemed to relish seeing the customers take delight in their meals. Service was warm, and the vibe was convivial. We would come back in a heartbeat.

We went there for our first night in Paris a few weeks ago, based on kjtravels’ and onz’ recommendation. Great place for our first meal, not having had a “real” lunch. Nice atmosphere, the food was all really good. Like you, I loved the pistachio soufflé.