Bailey's Backyard, Ridgefield, CT

Went to Baileys’ last night and ended up doing an appetizer night. Everything was delicious. Thank goodness, though we got the good waiter. There are two in the back room and one, who we had before, just doesn’t care. Ours though, was wonderful. We started munching on the cornbread which is served with a brown sugar butter. DH had the Tiger’s Milk Shrimp & Black Bass Ceviche with blood orange, sunflower seeds, ginger and avocado terriine, orange oil and white grapes. He then had the Pan Seared Hudson Valley Foie Gras with sorrel chips, bourbon peach and rhubarb chutney, rhubarb puree and parsnip chip. I did not taste either of his appetizers but he said they were great. I had the Whisky BBQ Brisket with house bbq sauce, corn salad, shaved khorabi and a crispy mac and cheese. It was amazing. The bbq sauce was perfect for me - sweet but with a hint of heat. I never saw a piece of brisket that size before. The brisket itself is braised and served in bbq sauce as opposed to smoked. Their appetizers really are large and it was quite enough for me last night.

If I had one complaint it was the uneven wine pours. I had two glasses of wine. The first was a decent pour. I ordered my second before I finished my first to save the waiter steps and my second glass did not have much more wine in it than the first that was almost done. I’ve had short pours there before - I didn’t say anything but in hindsight, with my other glass there for comparison, it would have been the right opportunity.

They are opening a second location on the Stamford/Greenwich border. I hope they don’t stretch too thin when it opens. This place is a gem (a word I hate - too overused but so true in this case.)

Last time we were up in Ridgefield we had a wonderful seasonal meal at Bernard’s. Looking forward to trying Baily’s, too…thanks for the report.

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I just read that Baileys is getting a new chef. Lately, I have not enjoyed Baileys and we have not been in quite a while. Let’s see what happens.

Is the new Baileys in an existing restaurant space? I can’t think of the name but it has been a bunch of different restaurants (one of which - long ago) was Pearsons - still the best q I’ve had. I think it is something like boatyard and q now. Just off exit 9 (I hope so)

It’s not a new restaurant - its been there awhile. Just a new chef.

I was asking about the one on the stamford/greenwich border?

Sorry Rich. I didn’t know there was one there. I know they were looking to open one…maybe they did!

If instead you mean the stamford/DARIEN border, that would be Smokey Joes. A bit of a dive, but passable Q.

As for Baily’s, they’ve been there for 18 years. Chef Forest Pasternack held the reigns when it got its most stellar reviews, but now that he’s left, I’ve heard grumblings.

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Do you know where he’s gone? For some reason, I always thought he had a piece of Baileys.

Edited to say I just googled him, He seems to be with a food service company called Culinart.

It’s in the air. Two other esteemed Ct. chefs, Geoff Lazlo of Mill Street Table and Bar (Byram) and Arik Bensiman of Perfect Provinence (Greenwich) have also left those kitchens to form their own eponymous consulting and catering companies.