Bahrs Landing (Highlands, NJ)

There are a couple of threads for Bahrs already but they are centered more on the Oktoberfest. In reading them, I never realized the disdain most of HO has for this place! But I will say, my experience last night was excellent. Review below. Originally posted here on my blog.


I love a place with history. Bahrs Landing has existed in one form or another for 102 years. The place was so renown that my grandparents would travel there from Staten Island to eat back in the 1960’s. For this reason, it is kind of surprising that this was my first visit here in nearly 14 years (my 8th grade graduation) despite living only 15 minutes away and passing it daily this time of year en route to work on Sandy Hook. Given the experience we had, it will not take so long for my next one!


Justin grabbed a beer and I started off with the Bahrs Perfect Manhattan. For this, they take bourbon and age it in their own barrel. There’s something you don’t see every day. A splash each of sweet and dry vermouth makes this “perfect”. This is a classic, rarely ordered cocktail that is meant to be perfectly balanced between sweet and dry. I thought it was a fine drink and had a second one later on. Despite our affinity for Sandy Hook, the fog and mist was so thick that we could barely see the bridge. We had requested a window seat so we could overlook the Shrewsbury River and the bay. It was our anniversary, and the setting was perfect with the amount of time we spend in the area.


We put an order in for fried calamari as we decided on our meals. A few minutes later, we added an order of popcorn shrimp. When the calamari arrived, we regretted a second appetizer because the portion was enormous. I don’t think the picture does it justice, but that was certainly enough for four people. We took half of it home. The marinara sauce had good flavor for a non-Italian joint, and I enjoyed that they included both rings and tentacles in the offering. The popcorn shrimp were even better. Dusted with a chili-lime seasoning, there was a literal mountain of them piled into an over-sized Bahrs coffee mug. Could there have been 30 shrimp? I don’t know, but we kept eating and eating these addictive little morsels and the amount never seemed to dwindle. The seasoning was spot-on—not too salty and just zesty enough. This was the dictionary definition of summer drinking food. The chipotle dipping sauce on the side was delicious.


At this point, we had to stop so that we would have room for entrees. I never expected portions that size for such an establishment. We did not order meals until we were done with the appetizers. Our server was Tina and at no time did she rush us. We said we just wanted to hang out for a bit after appetizers and she did not ask us for our order until we were ready. This was not just a chance to sit and chat, but to digest! I was almost full.

When we were ready, Justin now full into Indian food, ordered the Bombay Seafood Curry. The menu stated that this was one of their staples from 1962. It contained scallops and shrimp in a curry sauce over rice, and served with a mango chutney. As for me, I was torn between the Seafood Sampler (shrimp, scallops, cod, and clam strips) and the Fisherman’s Platter (the same assortment except a 6 ounce Brazilian lobster tail was swapped for the clams). In the end, I went with the latter because this was a special occasion. I did not regret my decision.


While we waited for the entrees, cole slaw and a basket of bread was put down in front of us. There were two biscuits and one each of a cheese roll (Asiago?) and a cranberry-walnut roll. Served with softened butter, they were totally unnecessary (we were nearing capacity!) but we ate them anyway.

Justin’s curry arrived first and I could actually smell it before it was placed down. It contained four shrimp and four scallops in a rich curry sauce. The basmati rice was perfectly fluffy. I tried a fork-full and thought it was excellent. It was definitely the most unexpected dish on the menu, and kind of out of place, but they nailed it. Meanwhile, my platter was out-of-this world. I got it broiled instead of fried. The lobster meat was tender and popped right out of the shell. Is there a better combination than good lobster and melted butter? The shrimp was good and the cod flaky, and the scallops were pure perfection. They too were so tender that they basically melted away in my mouth. I cannot remember the last time I had this much goodness on one plate. There was no pretentiousness here: this was an old-fashioned, straightforward, seafood feast. I barely touched the side of potatoes and vegetables—I was too stuffed by this point. I enjoyed it so much that I would probably order it next time as well. There were also sides of tartar and cocktail sauces included.


It had been 14 years since my last visit but it was worth the wait. I now understand how they have lasted for so long and why the parking lot is always full. Here it was, a Monday night in downright nasty weather, and they had a decent crowd. There was a party downstairs, several tables taken upstairs, and a more than half-full bar. As a historian, it is always nice to have a meal in a place where you can feel the history emanating from the walls. Had it been nicer weather, the view would have been spectacular. There are plenty of tables outside and even a tiki bar. I really do want to get here at least once more in the summer.


It is so very hard for me to give a 5 on a first visit (my “real” first was so long ago that I do not remember anything about the food), so for now, I will go with a 4.5 out of 5 stars . If our next visit is as good as this, I will upgrade it higher. There was nothing I would change about this experience (except ordering less food!). My cholesterol probably went up a hundred points, but oh well! Tina was great, the atmosphere and scenery is there, and the food was simply fantastic. I had bounced around several ideas for our anniversary dinner, but I am so glad we ended up here. Thank you Bahrs Landing for an awesome and memorable experience!


You are lucky you had this good of an experience because anything less than a 4.5 and I was going to have a talk with Justin, because he deserved better than a meal at Bahrs!!!

It’s been at least 15 years since I have been to Bahrs as well and I can tell you at that time it was a place old soles went to die. (typo intended) As the matter of fact when I went 15 years ago it was because they did a prime rib night and I had a client that loved prime rib so we went for that, I wouldn’t touch a seafood dish there if you paid me. As you said, Bahrs is mentioned with much disdain on this board, perhaps your review will help reverse that.

I will just say, the pic of the seafood combo made me look up the price @ $39. I’m still standing by my determination that the All Seasons Diner broiled seafood platter will stand up to the best of them. It is $ 26.50 (up from a recent $ 24) and comes with all that yours did, plus a crab meat stuffed clam, stuffed tomato, soup and salad. It’s the best broiled seafood combo for the money in Monmouth County. (must be ok with your seafood “well done” it’s not fine dining and they broil it pretty good, I never tried ordering it rare or medium, I don’t mind the “well” done seafood)

Glad you had a nice meal, congrats to you and Justin.
( Justin, if you don’t feel Greg is treating you right you hit me up, I’ll have a talk with him )


Well, I am glad that Iron Whale backed out because given how people feel about McLoone’s on here, you could have really given me a chewing out.

I remember my mom saying that she went there frequently as a child and then my 8th grade graduation dinner there (the last time I was there prior to this) was it for her because she said the place was too old and that nothing ever changed. Perhaps they have made some changes in the last 14-15 years? My love for what I had was no an exaggeration. $39 was a little steep and if this was not a special occasion, I would not have splurged (the regular seafood combo was around $25).

Honestly, I did not mind the price so much because so many places around here charge $30 for a scallop entree and give you 3-5. This was a deal/bargain when you consider that.

A lot of people treat Bahrs as a “special occasion” place because of the pricing. Well, the inside at least. Their bar and tiki bar menus are more than reasonable and the drinks were not bad either.


Greg, I’m telling you give the All Seasons a try, if you like broiled seafood platters you will be impressed for the $ 26.50. Hell I’ll meet ya there for it one night and if you don’t like it it’s on me!

If you don’t believe me then listen to him…


I’m always down for a good seafood platter and All Seasons is on my list of places to try!


I’m glad to hear you had a nice time Greg. I am also a big fan of the history and building itself. If you’re into clams, I really like their clams casino.

You made me do it! (7 scallops and I forgot to mention the clam casino too) That’s a lot of food, I don’t know what fish they use for the filet but is is one of the most mildly flavored fish. Sorry for poor pic quality it doesn’t do it justice.


Nice! I’m thinking we should get a seafood platter thread going. What do you think?

I like the one at inlet cafe. 32.00 I believe and you get mashed potato and veggies too.


Those both look fantastic!

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You’re talking about the twin rum buckets right? :smile:


Well now that you mention them sure they look good, but that’s not what grabbed my attention. :wink:



I still want to try the 22oz tail at bahrs.


We still have a dinner on hold there. LOL

Hadn’t read this thread yet, but we went last night. Massive portions. I got the scallops, there were 11 of them nicely sized, indicated to be locally caught. My wife got the fried seafood platter, excellent but too much to eat. One daughter got Cajun mahi mahi, said it was great.


Glad I’m not the only one and you enjoyed it too!

Hahahahaha !

After a couple hours of swimming and quite literally being brushed by a shark**, we stopped at Bahr’s on the way home for some drinks and snacks. It was about 4 PM and the dockside area and tiki bar were packed. I ordered a dark rum and orange juice and Justin had a beer (and later a Pina Colada). We asked if we could get biscuits even though we were not ordering entrees and were told it would be $1.50 for a basket, which included eight and cole slaw. Can’t go wrong there. Split some popcorn shrimp and an excellent soft shell crab sandwich. They have one with bacon and chipotle mayo for $18.99 but I asked if we could just get a plain sandwich without all the other toppings. Justin never had a soft shell crab before and I wanted him to be able to actually taste it. Sandwich was great and they charged us a few bucks less. My drink was only $8 and was in a pint glass and could actually taste a strong rum flavor. When compared to a $14 micro-mason jar drink at Seafarer, this was a total win.

**I’m not one to exaggerate, but while we were swimming, a large mass swam between the two of us. We probably had five feet between us, and this thing was enormous given how close to shore we were. Only two other people in the water saw it and one guy on the shore who came running over to me after seeing my reaction (and probably hearing an expletive or two!) thinking I got bit or clipped. It did not actually touch me, but man it was close. We got out of the water and returned after a few minutes figuring it was gone by then and to just keep an eye out. Only thing it could have been besides a shark was a dolphin. It was huge! Water was pretty clear but not clear enough. I spend a lot of time in the water for both work and pleasure, so I take this as a simple reminder from Mother Nature to always be aware of one’s surroundings. Yeah, I needed some rum after that.


Did you see pectoral fins by chance? It most likely was a shark. There are a lot of sharks here but people just dont see them. I’m 99.9% sure it wasn’t a dolphin. They are around but travel in groups and come up for air so you see them. It could have been a black drum too. They get big and cruise near the coast.


Did not see fins. I was neck deep and it was about a foot below the surface. I put this to my Sandy Hook people and they said it was most likely a shark after ruling out a stingray or dolphin.

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