Bahn Bahn Morningside Heights

I had heard good things about this newish place on B’way, right by Columbia. I didn’t expect much and i wasn’t disappointed. Had a 5 spice pork bahn mi that was, we;;, laughable. No chili, no cilantro, totally out of balance and the bread,…Not worth a detour…

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Do you mean Banh on Amsterdam, or a different / new place on Broadway?

If it’s the same one, there’s an existing thread for it.

New and different place than the good place on Amsterdam.

Also, Two Wheels (UWS) seems to be under new mgmt/chef. Truly awful banh mi from there last week.

There’s a Two Wheels on the UES too, and I have thought idly about trying it. I guess I should not!

Let’s add one more to the UWS Viet pan — Just Pho You, also by Columbia. Maybe the worst cha gio I’ve eaten in a long time.

It never thrilled me. It seems as if one has to go to Bklyn, Buford Hwy (ATL) or Orange CTY )CA) for mighty bahn mi…