Bagels, Cambridge, MA

Finally made it to Bagelsaurus a couple of weekends ago. Best bagel I’ve had in a long time, definitely best in MA and gives good NY bagels a run for their money, if not besting them (in our humble opinions!). We arrived around 8:30 am on a Saturday and even then, the wait was long. But it was worth it for chewy, not-as-big-as-your-head-with-a-nice-crust bagels (everything bagel with cc for me, B had the classic bagel sandwich on everything bagel). B had wished he had just gotten a bagel with cc for his first time, just to focus more on the bagel. It was tough to discern with the other elements, but we also got some to go. As soon as we got our loot home, I sliced and froze them and they still kicked ass all weekend long.

A second very different bagel I had last week was that from Ames Street Deli which I have not seen written up at all (but I’m very out of the food loop these days). They only do everything bagels. I liked it a lot - it was griddled so a bit greasy, but I gobbled it up. Came off warm with the cc melty, chewy and also not too big. I only wished I had some ripe tomato. I got one for a colleague who wasn’t too fond of it. To each her own! I’ll be back again during the week to get my bagel fix.

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The bagelsaursus bagels are quite good though I find that sometimes the sourdough flavors takes over which I don’t care for. I have never had one of their sandwiches. Instead my husband buys the bagels after getting his hair cut next door. Then we eat one fresh, and freeze the others already cut.

I do find the cost high. Since I work from home, it is more economical for me to make them myself. I shape them into smaller sizes which works better for my level of appetite.

I’m with you on this. I like their pumpernickel bagel which really doesn’t let that flavor come through too much. Can’t beat it with their hot smoked salmon. Bagelsaurus is strictly a weekday pop in for me on the rare occasion I can swing it. The weekend lines are not worth it to me.

Shows how different tastes are. The sourdough flavor is one of the things I like best about Bagelsaurus’ bagels. I like them so much lightly toasted with cream cheese that I haven’t been able to order a sandwich yet. This reminds me that I have to get there really soon. Breakfast for dinner with those bagels and a simple omelet is a treat.

I know that Crema is/was making their own bagels. Has anyone tried them?

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