Bagel Oven??? Red Bank, NJ

Fearing for the fate of the best bagels in the area. Family reporting to me that it is closed and the building is undergoing some kind of construction? Anyone know what is going on?

As I do not know of bagel oven, Google shows red bank, is that the one you are speaking of?

Sorry, yes, it is in Red Bank on Monmouth St.

Oh no, I love their bagels!! I hope it’s just an upgrade!

As of 10AM today they are open


While I certainly can’t and won’t disparage Bagel Oven, I’m a Bagel Masters fan myself. (glad to read per @BossaNova they are still open)

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My family is 50-50 Bagel Oven-Bagel Masters. More bang for your buck at Masters, where we get a dozen and slice em in threes, freezing the remains from the weekend. At Oven, they usually dont last thru the weekend and are definitely smaller. I personally like the flavor and crunchier outside crust (?) better at the Oven. Masters wins for friendly staff and owner, those guys always look like they are having fun. Oven staff seems a bit grouchy at times. Masters cleaner and brighter. Oven is a bit aged and all about getting in and out.


Oh, and guilty pleasure at the Oven… salt pretzel bagel. tear it in pieces and dip them in soft (PLUGRA) butter from one of those counter butter-keepers.


We’ve been going to Bagel Oven for years and years. Would hate to see them close.


Not sure of status but the Bagel Oven and the Nearly New shop next to it (in same building) are getting a new façade.

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Bagel Oven is back under new ownership! Same great bagels and store has been completely renovated with a bright and cool vibe !


Yes, can report the Oven is back. I wish the new people well and hope they continue to make the bagels the same way. Our first bagels since the reboot were New Years Eve and if I didn’t know about the ownership change I don’t think I would have noticed anything different. Crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside, the way a bagel should be.
(the only difference I saw was that perhaps the bagels were a little bigger)


Interesting article including details about the new owner’s former job!